Tiburtino Shopping Centre - Guidonia (Roma)

The new Tiburtino Shopping Centre

The 50,000 square metre mall also serves as a social meeting point in the Aniene valley
Santino Limonta
Nova Urbs, Mario Sebastiano Scano e Ugo Pulcini

Involving an investment of 108 million euro, the Tiburtino Shopping Centre (owned by IGD, a major player in the retail property sector in Italy) is located in the municipality of Guidonia Montecelio at km 20.3 along the Via Tiburtina, near Rome’s Great Ring Road. Due to its position, it has a catchment area that extends to the areas north-east of Rome and includes more than a million potential customers. The building extends essentially over a single level (level 0) with a common gallery providing access to the shops. The only exceptions are three medium-sized retail spaces located at level -1 and three small building portions (offices and technical rooms) located at level 1. The loadbearing structures, with the exception of a small part of the south side which was cast in situ, were made with precast and prestressed reinforced concrete elements. The entrance structures are covered with red Alucobond and the internal walls with grey Alucobond or red painted plasterboard. The gallery, 750 metres long and 7 metres wide, was designed with a large entrance hall and three squares that highlight the different thematic areas. At a retail level, Tiburtino is divided into different sales areas. Three entrances lead to the central square where „fashion“ stores are located. The „children’s“ area features children’s clothes and childcare stores, an ice cream parlour, a chocolate shop and a large kindergarten with the assistance of qualified staff. The world of „large structures“ provides basic products for the family and home. There is a wide diversity of catering offerings. In all there are 120 stores, 10 medium-sized areas (restaurants, cafes, bars) and a hypermarket. There are a total of 3,800 parking spaces in a 22,400 square metre area on level 0 and a 33,700 square metre area on level -1, the latter partially covered. The connections between the two floors consist of seven escalators and three two-way flights of stairs. A further 18,800 square metre space is available along the internal road next to the motorway link road, bringing total parking capacity to 75,000 square metres. The hypermarket and the large area in the North zone are covered by roof tiles with a wing-like profile. Part of the Northwest zone of the building is covered with laminar wood structures and superimposed sandwich panels. The galleries and the food court are likewise covered with plasterboard-clad laminated wood structures surmounted by opaque panels or glass windows. Following careful evaluation of aesthetic characteristics and resistance to the severe conditions of use, the architects opted for selected series of large-format ceramic tiles from Casalgrande Padana for the bathroom wall coverings, the exterior pavings and the interior floors.

Casalgrande Padana
porcelain stoneware
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