Boutique Home Taiwan - Taiwan (China)

Life in the social media age

In Taiwan, a young KOL ("key opinion leader") couple from the social media generation were in search of a home they could use to share every moment of their lives with their thousands of Instagram followers
Katrin Cosseta
Snuper Design

In Taiwan, a young KOL („key opinion leader“) couple from the social media generation were in search of a home they could use to share every moment of their lives with their thousands of Instagram followers. The interior design project was curated by the Taipei-based practice Snuper Design, which introduces itself as follows: „Snuper stands for Second Nature Urban Pause, meaning we are dedicated to recreating nature in urban life. We craft dream homes tailored to each individual client. Our work exemplifies the interpretation of contemporary space underpinned by local culture and expressed with modern vocabulary.“ In this house, the most evident – and in fact the only – link to nature is marble. But instead of recreating the sensation of a natural material, it contributes – physically and symbolically – to the creation of a living space characterised by ostentatious technological and metropolitan luxury. Even the marble itself is hi-tech, consisting of Magnum Oversize 120×240 cm porcelain tiles from the I Classici di Rex collection, the grey veins and white background typical of Statuario marble chosen for the floors in every room in the house. The property is described as a Boutique Home not just because it is tailored to the personalities of the clients but also because every room is inspired by the world of fashion. This is particularly evident in the large showcase wardrobe framed by fluorescent neon-effect LED strip lighting near the entrance and facing onto the living room. It is a kind of „light box“, an authentic showcase that reflects the homeowners‘ love for fashion, music, sport and youth culture. All of this is underscored by the continuous boutique-style display of clothes and accessories from the New York cult streetwear fashion brand Supreme. Here, fashion is envisaged as a way of life as well as an original design inspiration that encompasses space, furnishings and materials to create a kind of concept home.
The layout of the house consists of a fluid sequence of visual highlights or Instagrammable views: the living room centred around an impressive home theatre system, the hi-tech kitchen perfect for socialisation, the sumptuous walk-in wardrobe, a series of design icons ideal as props for selfies scattered nonchalantly around the house, a psychedelic lighting project reminiscent of a photographic set, coloured glass screens that contrast stylistically with the classical marble and gold detailing. Every detail in every room helps to create a home that is perfect for a lifestyle exhibited to the world, where the boundaries between public and private are blurred.

I classici di Rex
120x240 cm

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