Private home - Orzinuovi (Brescia) - Orzinuovi (Bs) (ITALY)

A three-sided fireplace as focal point of the home

A home renovation project in provincial Lombardy created a warm, welcoming space with a large living area organised around a modern fireplace. The natural, textured look of the ceramic tiling gave the interiors a unique style
Claudia Capperucci
Andrea Benedetti (Panificio Coworking Lab)

The starting point for this home renovation project in the town of Orzinuovi in the province of Brescia was an apartment with a long list of flaws, all of which had become so problematical for the owners that they had decided to sell the property. But as a last resort they contacted architect Andrea Benedetti, an expert in radical renovation projects who had converted a former family-owned bakery into the modern architectural studio where he now works, Panificio Coworking Lab. The renovation project devised by the practice transformed the small, 63 square metre apartment into a home with a strong sense of balance and harmony. It has a rectangular floor plan and large open spaces, including a new living room with a fireplace that serves to connect the dining and relaxation areas, as well as a new sleeping area with ample storage space. „My client said to me: ‘Andrea, either we completely transform this apartment or I’m going to sell it‘,“ explained the architect. „From these words I realised we had the opportunity to do something really interesting and worthwhile. The apartment had numerous flaws, including a cramped living area, no dining room, a large but poorly laid out kitchen, and a bathroom with a basic bathtub (the client would have preferred a spacious and comfortable shower). So I radically reorganised the layout, replaced the corridor and dining area with a kitchen and converted what was previously the kitchen into a walk-in closet connected to the bedroom. And by removing a bedroom which was surplus to the client’s requirements, we were able to create a large living room with a dining area.“ The main goals were to make the spaces more functional and usable (complete with a breakfast area next to the kitchen, a small laundry room on the same floor and a comfortably sized shower), to increase the surface area of the living space (by eliminating one of the two bedrooms, as the client had requested) and to install a three-sided fireplace that would serve as the focal point of the living area. „The client has a strong personality, and this is reflected in the choice of materials, colours and textures. We exploited contrasts and added a few splashes of colour,“ continued the architect. „The biggest challenge we faced was the installation of the fireplace, particularly transporting it to the second floor and running the air supply pipe and ductwork into the attic.“ Tiles from the Blustyle line from Cotto d’Este were used for the entire floor of the apartment, including the flush mounted shower tray assembled from tiles and tile-clad drainage channels. The choice of Country collection floor tiles in Aspen and Creek versions and a 20×120 cm size for the entire apartment proved to be a highly creative solution and determined the overall style and personality of the home.

20x120 cm

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