Hotel Incontro Wellness Centre - Ariano Irpino - Avellino (Italy)

A meeting for the senses

The Spa in the Hotel Incontro in Ariano Irpino (province of Avellino) reveals the distinctive style of Simone Micheli
Katrin Cosseta
Jürgen Eheim Fotostudio
Simone Micheli Laboratory

The Hotel Incontro Wellness Centre has been designed with an synaesthetic approach to interior architecture. The project (engineering and construction by Mioblu Special Wellness) aims to offer a textural and stylistic interpretation of the concept of multisensory well-being, creating an emotional space that connects with the observer on a profound level. It is a fluid universe of organic, reassuring and almost maternal shapes that promote harmony of body and mind. The idea is to create an alternative reality, a hushed, vaguely cartoon-like and unreal world inhabited by totemic presences such as giant pebbles and stylised trees, lit up by bright colours and lights. The reception area has the appearance of a stylised forest dotted with glossy white sculptural tree columns that appear to break through the deep blue false ceiling with its geometric cuts illuminated by perimeter LEDs. The space is dominated by the original volume of the counter made of lacquered, glossy, smoothed and polished MDF. The chosen colour of bright green is echoed in the panelling and in the hemispherical display units back-lit with iridescent colours like pop-up portholes that invite visitors to peer inside. This space with its double entrance is the starting point for the various „sensorial destinations“ offered by the centre. These include the floating room and the salt room, where wellness is nebulised and breathed in. In the relaxation room, the perimeter walls are replaced by sharply defined voile curtains that move imperceptibly to create a cosy space. Reclined on beds reminiscent of the shape of water-smoothed rocks, visitors have the sensation of being in a theatre where light textile clouds float like stage scenery from the ceiling. In the vip room, lattice walls lead guests on circuits to spaces featuring mini hydrotherapy pools or steam baths for restoring body and mind.
The five different treatment booths consist of white cells with a relaxing atmosphere created by the harmony of the unusual shapes, colours and lights of each individual interior design element.
Last but not least, a Nail-café and a Pediwellness-spa are available for hand and foot care.
In a space dominated by water, it was crucial to choose materials with appropriate technical and aesthetic characteristics. For this purpose, a key role was played by the porcelain tile collection used in this project, produced by Tagina to a design by Simone Micheli himself. Wire In was used for the floors in all the distribution and treatment areas and for the shower surfaces and Wire Out for the floor coverings in the wet areas. These tiles create a strongly textural impression, introducing soft earth tones and acting as an element of continuity, combining the spaces into a single velvety and harmonious entity. In particular, the Wire Out tile installed on the floor in the vip room Turkish bath combines functional and aesthetic qualities. The Hammered version, with its textured surface (and a chiaroscuro quality that has also been used successfully on the walls), serves not only as a pleasant accent but also performs a specific non-slip safety function in the wet areas given that it was specially designed to massage bare feet in contact with the floor.

Wire System
60x60, 30x60 cm

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