La ceramica è sicura


Ceramic is a safe material
thanks to its characteristics


If you are looking for a material for the floors and walls in your home, ceramic is the perfect choice. It’s safe, hypoallergenic and odourless and does not capture dirt or bacteria. It can be used for any application because it is versatile and available in an infinite range of sizes. What’s more, a ceramic floor is easy to install and long lasting as it does not deform and is resistant to frost and even the most aggressive chemicals. It does not burn and does not contain plastic, so it can be completely recycled. With these characteristics, ceramic is a material that improves the safety of any location in which it is installed.

Along with these intrinsic characteristics, ceramic is produced using a hi-tech industrial process that complies with standard UNI 14411 and guarantees the production of materials with outstanding and long-lasting characteristics. And as product life cycle assessments have shown, the use of modern technology also reduces the material’s environmental impact.

Ceramic is safe for users because it combines durability with versatility in terms of sizes and solutions, allowing it to be used on floors and walls in any room in the home. Sanitary fixtures are also made of ceramic and have characteristics that guarantee hygiene and health safety. Modern sanitary fixtures are even more environmentally-friendly than in the past, helping to protect the planet. Modern WCs use 4-6 litres per flush compared to the 9-12 litres of older models. So replace your WC with a new, high-performance model to ensure that your home is more beautiful and cheaper to run while protecting the environment.

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