La ceramica non brucia

It does not burn

In the event of fire, ceramic does not release substances that are harmful to people or the environment


An uncontrolled fire has two devastating effects: it destroys everything it encounters and releases smoke and toxic substances generated by the combustion process.

Ceramic is one of the few materials that does not burn or release substances of any kind even when it comes into contact with a naked flame.

It is an inert, fireproof material made from sand and clay, which undergo a thermal firing process at 1250°C to create a material with exceptional mechanical strength, chemical resistance and durability.

Ceramic is suitable for many different applications and areas of use, including residential interiors and exteriors, workplaces, shops, restaurants and hotels.

This is a very important aspect considering that when plastic burns it produces dioxin and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, substances that are extremely hazardous for human health. And even wood, the ultimate natural material, emits carbon dioxide when it burns, producing a major greenhouse gas that has significant impact in terms of climate change.