The District food court - Sydney

Food Court, Food Theatre

An old area next to a railway interchange in Sydney, Australia has been redeveloped as a futuristic dining precinct

Officially opened in Sydney a few months ago amid previews, gossip and social campaigns that built up expectations and prompted much curiosity, The District food court has already become a major attraction for lovers of Asian cuisine and above all for enthusiasts of style and atmospheres. Unlike the artificial homogeneity that for years dominated the food court concept, the watchwords today are individuality, fragmentation and personality. In a visually striking setting reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s classic film Blade Runner, The District has an eclectic interior design that blends perfectly with the many different restaurants present. Hosting eateries that range from a small „indie“ delicatessen to the Michelin starred Tim Ho Wan dim sum Restaurant, the dining precinct occupies a 3,000 square metre space below Chatswood Station, a multifaceted complex of internal walkways, large and in some cases unsettling graphic designs, and digital artworks. The stated aim is to transform a meal into a „visual and sensual experience“.
Created by acclaimed designer Philip Chia from „The Uncarved Block“ (a name translated from the Chinese word „pu“ which refers to the primordial state of the mind before experience), finalist in the Australian Interior Design Awards in 2012, the space has an 8 metre high ceiling and is dominated by a variety of architectural forms which break it up to create fascinating futuristic movements.
Nacelle-like structures that extend beyond the perimeter of the building create intriguing secluded dining rooms, finished with oak panelling and scenic windows that communicate with graphic elements connected by bronze tubes. The eclectic style of the entire project is not just a result of the astonishing layout of the spaces, but above all of the variety of the materials, finishes and furnishings with an abundance of artisanal and tailor-made elements. Amongst Japanese mosaic walls, concrete panels, post-industrial renovations and much more, it is the floor coverings that maintain a sense of balance and lend uniformity to the entire structure. To achieve this, Philip Chia chose porcelain tile from the Biarritz collection by CIR Manifatture Ceramiche. Inspired by the atmospheres of the ‘California of Europe‘ and featuring a delicate texture that mixes together geometries and floral elements, it recreates the appeal of natural stone warmed by the soft colour Cognac.
The complexity of the project and the creativity with which a mundane and insignificant space next to a railway interchange has been redeveloped earned The District two awards: Best Retail Design Award and Eat Drink Design Award.

Cir Manifatture Ceramiche, serie Biarritz
porcelain stoneware
20X20 cm - 20x40 cm - 40x40 cm
Technische Eigenschaften
Water absorpion (ISO 10545-3): 10X10: E ≤ 0,5% BIb GL E ≤ 0,3% BIa GL
Chemical resistance (ISO 10545-13): GA - GLA
Resistance to deep abrasion (ISO 10545-6): Classe 4
Stain resistance (ISO 10545-14): compliant
Frost resistance (ISO 10545-12): compliant
Modulus of rupture and breaking strength (ISO 10545-4): R ≥ 32 N/mm2 R ≥ 35 N/mm2
Slip resistance (DIN 51130): R10-R11
Thermal shock resistance (ISO 10545-9): compliant
Crazing resistance (ISO 10545-11): compliant
Linear thermal expansion (ISO 10545-8): compliant
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