Y-40 the Deep Joy - Montegrotto Terme (PD)

A scuba diver’s paradise

This unique 40 metre deep pool is maintained at a constant temperature of 33°C
Benedetto Marzullo
Emanuele Boaretto

Imagine a 400 square metre pool of crystal clear water at a constant temperature of 33°C and with a depth of more than 40 metres. No, this is not one of the last unspoilt paradises of the natural world but a human construction, an artificial swimming pool. It is to be found in the sports centre attached to Hotel Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, a spa resort in the province of Padua in northern Italy. Called „Y-40 the Deep Joy“, it is the deepest sports pool in the world, descending to a depth of 42.15 metres. This is equivalent to digging out the equivalent of a 14-floor building underground. With its regular 21 x 18 metre layout but irregular cross-section, the pool features caves, tunnels and resting stages at various depths, making it ideal as a training facility for scuba divers. Given the pool’s unique shape and the presence of thermal water at 33°C, special attention had to be devoted to the selection and installation of the ceramic tiles, the chosen solution being a porcelain tile from Floor Gres (Geotech, Industrial and Floortech lines). Y-40 is designed to ensure minimal environmental impact. Completely invisible from the outside, access is via a sparse structure, the top section of which is covered by a lawn and functions as a solarium. But Y-40 is first and foremost a simple yet ingenious business idea. In a region where all hotels offer thermal pools, the only way to beat the competition was to build one that stands out for a unique characteristic, in this case its depth. Designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, a keen diver, the Y-40 pool is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering in which the theoretical and technical characteristics go hand in hand with a commitment to promoting the local area. The origins of the name „Y-40 the Deep Joy“ are also very intriguing. According to the architect, „The negative sign placed in front of the figure 40 is a reference to the depth of the pool. The Y is the initial letter of the Greek prefix ‘ypér‘, meaning ‘above‘ or ‘hyper‘ as in ‘hyper-deep‘. And as a graphic symbol – two oblique lines that meet at an inverted cusp from which a single vertical line branches off – it evokes the idea of a descent into the bowels of the earth. But if we change our point of observation, at the same time it represents the opposite idea of an ascent. So the Y stands for a descent followed by return to the surface. This dual action not only refers to the activity of diving but also represents a challenge to time itself.“ The photos will give readers a chance to enjoy and admire Deep Joy even before experiencing it first-hand.

Geotech - Industrial - Floortech
80x80, 60x120, 40x80 cm

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