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Restaurant Meester Keeman - Waalre (B)

A library with a brasserie at its heart

As part of its focus on the well-being of residents, the Waalre town council approved a new building redevelopment project to convert a library into a modern brasserie

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Ristorante Pizzeria Roba da Matti - Scandiano (RE)

Warm, unexpected atmospheres

A highly original restyling project has used original, visually-striking elements to refresh the interior design of a restaurant and pizzeria in the province of Reggio Emilia

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Private residence

Porcelain in Black & White

A project for a single-family home in the Milanese hinterland focuses on contrasting colours and materials. The innovation and high performance of an astonishing marble-look porcelain contrasts with the traditional appeal of classic travertine

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22 SUMMITS Boutique Hotel - Zermatt (Switzerland)

Matterhorn Dreaming

An exclusive boutique hotel combines a home atmosphere with stunning views of the Matterhorn

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APOTECA Provviste Alimentari - Roma

A touch of inspiration in Rome’s Flaminio neighbourhood

Observe, design and restore are the golden rules of an architectural renovation project in the heart of Rome, gastronomy included

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Tino Caffè - Florence

British tradition meets Italian contemporary design

The vintage industrial style of British pubs meets Italian design in an experimental project for a new café in Florence

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Bar Pasticceria La Veneziana - Ravenna

A pastry shop with hexagonal floor tiles

A more than hundred-year-old shop in a splendid historical setting underwent a contemporary restyling project

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"Da Gianni" guesthouse - Arco (Trento)

Family-run hospitality by Lake Garda

The Da Gianni guesthouse, a charming establishment on the Trentino shores of Lake Garda owned by the Negri family, was recently restyled using tiles from Ceramica Fioranese

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In Croissanteria Lab - Carobbio degli Angeli (BG)

The pastry shop reimagined

In Croissanteria Lab, a new pastry shop concept

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Fattoria Toccaferro Restaurant - Pescara

A combined restaurant and shop

A restaurant in Pescara combines traditional cuisine with the unique experience of farm shopping. It uses interior design materials to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere inspired by the past

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Pistamentuccia Restaurant - Bologna

The reinvention of a cloister

The opening of the new Pistamentuccia restaurant in Bologna puts an unusual architectural space back on the city's map

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Thy Madame beauty salon - Pistoia, Italy

A beauty salon inspired by thirties film stars

The Thy Madame beauty salon recently opened in Pistoia is a point of reference for women with sophisticated tastes who in addition to having their hair styled are in search of an all-round aesthetic and emotional experience

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Private House - Piombino (LI)

Designer and producer: a successful partnership

Attention to detail together with respect for the quality of existing elements are the key features of a restoration project in Piombino designed by Antonietta Ottanelli

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La Cozza - Ristorante Pizzeria

Salento, between the sea and the land

At Marina di Salve (LE) on southern Italy's Ionian coast, a renovated restaurant has opted for functional materials, plays of colour and sophisticated details in harmony with the splendid natural setting

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hairdresser shop "Lorenzo il parrucchiere" - Florence

Creativity, elegance and domestic appeal

Light and modernity take pride of place in the Lorenzo il Parrucchiere hairdresser shop, where functionality meets tradition

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Villa Loreto - Costigliole d'Asti (AT)

Relaxing amongst vineyards

In the heart of the Langhe region in northern Italy, a project to convert an early twentieth-century villa into a holiday home used contemporary construction materials based on the local tradition

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Belharra Café - Capbreton (F)

An ocean view

Emotions, flavours and memories are pleasantly intertwined in a brasserie overlooking the Atlantic.

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Ristogourmet Pan Bernardo - Rome

Tasty, shabby and trendy!

The Pan Bernardo gourmet restaurant has established a leading role on Rome's dining scene thanks to its vintage appeal and contemporary flavours.

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SUGO Concept Store - Padua

Street food, Italian style

Local products and the flavours of home cooking take pride of place in a space that is intentionally simple but not minimalist, eco-friendly yet steeped in tradition

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Campbell House - Edmonton (Canada)

An elegant Canadian home

The home offers a journey through the world of natural stone. Travertine is combined with metal, dark wood and warm earth tones

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Galleria Mucciaccia - Rome

for Art

A large gallery located in the heart of Rome stands out for its quiet, well-designed spaces ideal for showcasing contemporary artworks

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Sveavägen 44 Building Facade - Stockolm (Sweden)

A virtuous example in Stockholm

A high tech building with Art Nouveau styling

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Villa Borgo Duino - Duino Aurisina (TS)

Villa Borgo Duino, a summer promenade

A charming bed & breakfast establishment set in the greenery overlooking the sea near Trieste

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Private residence Garden City - Rome

A historical renovation

A bright, modern open space in Rome's Monte Sacro district

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Sanitärkeramik: Catalano
Private Residence - Pomezia (Rm)

A private apartment in Pomezia

In a new contemporary home, it is the floor coverings that dictate the use of colour, light, materials and finishes

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Sanitärkeramik: Cielo
Park Royal Palace Hotel - Wien (Austria)

Park Royal Palace: technology & history

The new luxury hotel contains numerous references to the nearby Technical Museum and Schönbrunn Palace

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Florida High Performance Green House - Cape Coral, FL (USA)

A house with green credentials

In Cape Coral, Florida, a ranch style building converted into an eco-friendly family home

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Astragalo Cocktail Restaurant - Gravellona Toce (VB)

21st century meeting spaces

The Astragalo Cocktail Restaurant, a fashionable dining and entertainment venue, undergoes daily metamorphosis from a daytime restaurant to a lively evening disco pub

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Enterprise SpA Headquarter - Rome

A dialogue between matter and transparency

The new Enterprise headquarters in Rome offers brightly lit spaces that exploit the essential qualities of glass, steel and porcelain tile.

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Holiday Inn Express Malpensa - Somma Lombardo (VA)

Is dreaming a little like flying?

The Holiday Inn Express Malpensa in Somma Lombardo (VA) is a functional space as well as a symbol of modernity and cutting-edge technology

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Klay Sports Club - Paris

A hotel-style club

The Klay, the most fashionable sports club in Paris, has opened at 4 bis Rue St Sauveur in the heart of the busy Montorgueil pedestrian area.

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