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Projekte von CERAMICHE CAESAR S.p.A.

Leninsky 38 residential complex, Moscow (Russia)

Leninsky 38, living and having fun in Moscow

A new residential complex in the heart of the Russian capital features a shopping centre, restaurants, cafés, a fitness club, a spa, a garden, a play area and underground parking

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Pharos office complex, Amsterdam (NL)

Tomorrow’s office is already here

The Pharos office complex, recently refurbished according to the latest principles of sustainability and the circular economy, allows for a perfect work-life balance

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Private home - London (UK)

A contemporary home in London

Materials that do not belong to the British building tradition have been used to create trend-setting interiors without sacrificing the distinctive London style

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GrandResort - Limassol, Cyprus

Moments in history under the Cyprus sun

Reliving history surrounded by comfort, sun and sea is the mission of the GrandResort in Limassol

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Private villa - Tenerife

In the sun of the Canary Islands

A permanent holiday home in Tenerife combines traditional architecture with the demands of an open-air lifestyle

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Porfirio's Restaurant - Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mex)

Exquisite aesthetic taste

Porfirio's restaurant in Guadalajara, designed by Filipao Nunes, has won international acclaim for its high-quality materials, cascading vegetation and welcoming and spectacular atmosphere

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Papo Restaurant - Turin

A walk by the sea… at the foot of the Turin hills

Based on a design concept created by VelvetLAB, Papo Kitchen & Fish creates a meticulously designed and repeatable format for a small, minimalist restaurant inspired by the sea

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Railway station - Elmas (CA)

A pixel-effect ceramic envelope

The recent renovation project for the Cagliari-Elmas railway station stands out in particular for the use of large-size ceramic panels combining outstanding technical characteristics with a harmonious aesthetic language that blends in with the surrounding landscape

Belagflächen: CAESAR
CampZero Resort - Champoluc (AO)

Sports and luxury

The new frontier of hospitality is sustainable fun, an approach typified by campZero, a 5-star hotel that respects its location and caters for lovers of mountains, well-being and design

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Wake Forest University Reynolds Gymnasium - Winston-Salem, NC (USA)

Wellbeing: the new frontier of fitness

Education of the whole person, holistic wellbeing and sustainability lie at the heart of a major renovation project for an American university campus

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Private home - Austin, TX (USA)

American grandeur

In a villa in Texas, porcelain tile from Caesar is used in a variety of stone effect surfaces, from travertine for the living room to white Beola granite for the swimming pool

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Artis REIT Headquarters - Winnipeg (Canada)

A graceful and sober renovation in Canada

In Winnipeg, Canada, functionality and elegance come together in the new headquarters of a real estate investment trust created by a female-dominated interior design firm

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Brookwood Village - Birmingham, AL (USA)

Brookwood Village, a boutique shopping centre

The Brookwood Village shopping centre designed by TVS Design stands out for its warm, welcoming atmosphere

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Terminal 2 Malpensa - Ferno (VA)

A direct connection between central Milan and Malpensa Terminal 2

The newly-opened Terminal 2 railway station is simplifying passengers' journeys

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Residential complex - Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

An oasis of peace overlooking the Red Sea

North of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's second largest city, stands a sophisticated residential complex designed by Vincenzo Provenzano, Chief Architect of Studio UDG (Urban Design Group)

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Fulin Restaurant Luxury Chinese Experience - Florence

A taste of the Orient

The true flavours of Chinese cuisine can be found in a tasteful and elegant restaurant in Florence

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Private home - Almè (BG)

A contemporary outdoor space enclosed within ancient walls

A historic residence is complemented by a renovation project with a striking design

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Toyota dealership - Cedar Park, Tx (USA)

Technology and design in Cedar Park

The Texas Hill Country aesthetics and Austin's eclectic blend of design were major influences in the new Toyota of Cedar Park dealership project

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Scalo Milano City Style - Milan

Next stop: Scalo Milano City Style

Fashion, food and design: ceramic and luxury go hand-in-hand

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Radisson Blu Hotel - Lyon (France)

A four-star hotel in Lyon

245 rooms and a panoramic bar-restaurant occupy the top floors of the iconic Part-Dieu Tower, "The Pencil" designed by the American studio of Cossutta & Associates

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Le Salon Coiffeur-Visagiste - Voiron (France)

A salon with character

Original colours and coverings set the glamorously sparkling tone of a small beauty salon in France

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Headquarters Essens Europe - Brno (Rep. Ceca)

A fast-moving company in the Czech Republic

Essens - a company whose name is a hybrid between the words "essence", "sense" and the Czech word "sen", meaning "dream" - took less than a year to build its new headquarters in Moravia

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Private House - Essex, Great Britain

A new look for a Victorian style home

A home renovation project by Spatial Design Architects revisits a distinctive British style of architecture

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Biblioteca delle Oblate, Florence

A renovated cultural centre for use by city residents

Following a major renovation project, the fourteenth-century building complex of the Oblates in Florence now houses a prestigious library, a newspaper library and a conference hall, becoming a major hub for the city's cultural life

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ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre - St. Petersburg (RU)

Romantic yet practical

The new Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg reflects the city's strategic commercial role and focus on business

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Golf Club - Nantes (F)

A game immersed in nature

Combining natural elegance with functionality, the porcelain floor tiles are one of the highlights of the clubhouse remodelling project on a historic French golf course

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Private Villa - Mondello (PA)

Sicilian contrasts

Outside, the strength and colours of nature. Inside, rigour and a rationalist design. A neutral coloured villa in Mondello

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Jersey Gardens Mall - Elizabeth, NJ (USA)

An open central space

Jersey Gardens Mall is a crossroads between pedestrian flows and retail activities.

Belagflächen: CAESAR
B&B m2m Made to Measure - Milan

Contemporary design for made-to-measure hospitality

Located in an elegant residential building in the heart of the cultural district of Milan, city of Expo 2015, Bed&Breakfast m2m Made to Measure combines personalised hospitality with modern, contemporary architecture.

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Brea Mall - Brea, CA (USA)

Brea Mall enjoys Italian-style renovation

Built in 1977, the large Orange County shopping mall has been completely renovated using Italian tiles

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Hard Rock Café - Rome

The soundtrack to
La Dolce Vita

The Hard Rock Cafe themed restaurant in Via Veneto, Rome is changing music and renovating its interiors

Belagflächen: CAESAR
FAES School - Milan

Every age has its colour

The sober façade of the FAES school in Milan conceals an eco-sustainable remodelling project tailored to the age of the school's students

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Bassetti Store - Milan

Bassetti Home Innovation makes its debut in Milan

Flagship store at 52 Corso Buenos Aires expresses new brand image

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Spa Hotel Ambassador - Levico Terme (TN)

Wellness based on steam and water

A vast array of ceramic tiles are used in the Lagorai & Spa wellness centre in Levico Terme

Belagflächen: CAESAR
N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Technology) - Boulder, CO (USA)

A high-precision environment paved with Italian ceramic

Sun, snow and desert. Time, atoms, force, distance and temperature. Here they measure everything, with the highest precision.

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center - Beavercreek, OH (USA)

Healthcare design: the hospital of the future

Design driven by functionality and patient well-being: an example of excellence in the heart of Ohio

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Juniper Networks Headquarters - Sunnyvale, CA (USA)

Corporate culture meets ceramic architecture

Productivity, vitality and harmony in the façades of Juniper's HQ

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Harvey Nichols Store - Kuwait City

The discreet glamour of ceramics

In the giant shopping mall called The Avenues in Kuwait City, porcelain tile plays a key role in the store of a leading international luxury and fashion brand

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Itäkeskus Shopping Center - Helsinki (Finland)

Shopping in the modern age

The remodelling of a Helsinki shopping centre

Belagflächen: CAESAR
The Le Terrazze Shopping Centre - La Spezia

The Le Terrazze shopping centre in
La Spezia

One of the largest shopping centres in the Liguria region, it is inspired by the unique colours and landscapes of the renowned Cinque Terre coast

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University residence Camplus Bononia - Bologna

Camplus Bononia:
a city university residence

The new university residence is a modern structure immersed in greenery and equipped with the latest energy-saving solutions

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Nuova Sede Uffici CNA - Faenza (RA)

Sustainability and tradition


Belagflächen: CAESAR
Il parco tematico Rainbow Magic Land - Valmontone (RM)

Rainbow Magic Land

The magic world of entertainment, retail and catering in a theme park just outside Italy's capital

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Banca di Credito Cooperativo Headquarter - Scandiano (Reggio Emilia)

A high-performance headquarters

Functionality, aesthetics and environmental awareness were the design principles behind the new building

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Scarborough Town Centre Shopping Mall - Toronto (Canada)

A new retail dimension

The redevelopment and expansion of Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto marks a strategic new approach to shopping centre design.

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Brocade Communication System Headquarter - San José, CA (USA)

When well-being is a corporate strategy

San José, California: the new headquarters of Brocade Communications Systems

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Boscareto Resort & Spa - Serralunga d'Alba (CN)

The moon, the vineyard and…

The Boscareto Resort & Spa at Serralunga d'Alba (CN), a retreat in northern Italy's Langhe region amongst the Barolo vineyards and memories of Cesare Pavese

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Porta Nuova Train Station - Turin

A new future for Porta Nuova train station

Turin's central train station has been transformed and redeveloped. With its renovated commercial spaces, it is in search of new functions.

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Lugo Hospital - Lugo di Romagna (RA)

Colour plays key role in Lugo Hospital

Ceramic tiles contribute to environmental quality and help to humanise the hospital environment

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Saint Jerome Catholic Church - Oconomowoc, WI (USA)

Saint Jerome Catholic Church in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

The simplicity of the geometry and attention to construction details is highlighted by the paving inspired by high-quality natural stone

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Gulskogen Kjøpesenter Shopping Mall - Drammen (Norway)

Gulskogen Kjøpesenter Shopping Mall in Drammen

A new shopping mall in Norway exploits the aesthetic qualities of ceramic tiles to organise pedestrian routes and flows

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Dollarama Headquarters - Montreal (Canada)

The Dollarama Headquarters

The two "ceramic wings" of the Dollorama offices on the outskirts of Montreal look like the blades of an iridium coloured propeller mounted on a central glass-clad shaft

Belagflächen: CAESAR
"Le Torri" shopping centre - Villa Verucchio (RN)

A non-place with a strong identity


Belagflächen: CAESAR
Target Corporation Northern Campus - Brooklyn Park, MN (USA)

Target Corporation Northern Campus

Quality of life for the users and fostering a sense of belonging to the company form the basis of the new "building D" project

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