The new Impertek website now online, with new functions and graphics

As you browse through the various sections, you’ll find lots of new features, including a whole area dedicated to the Pedestal Line, with lots of tips and all the product data sheets of the supports and accessories, a Video area with tutorials for assembling and installing the company’s products and plenty of personalised suggestions for effective customer care.

Each professional who chooses Impertek products faces different issues and requires specific assistance. In the section The Right Support, you’ll find an area dedicated to project designers, installers, construction retailers, and another one for private or contract customers and companies, offering a variety of information for customers.
Because Impertek considers customer service its most important value, on the new website, the company has highlighted all the services it is able to guarantee customers. The Live Support service, with web chat operative all the time, is simple to use even from a tablet, and offers specialised technical assistance and two important functions to help users create their own projects and order the most suitable products.

When embarking on a new project, we don’t always have clear ideas, and we risk arriving on the construction site with an insufficient number of raised supports. Thanks to the MegaPro project guide, it will be possible to calculate the type and number of supports necessary for the raised flooring to be installed.
Lastly, in the Company area of the website, you’ll find information on the company and its history: when Impertek was established, the first adjustable support designed and the faces of the people who work on each new project, handle orders or provide assistance, keeping values like fine Italian craftsmanship and sustainability to the fore at all times.

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