SICIS opens a new showroom in Dubai devoted entirely to surfaces

Last November SICIS opened a new sales hub for the entire Middle East, a 150 square metre showroom in Dubai devoted exclusively to surfaces with a special focus on large sizes.

The operation marks an important step forward for the brand in its efforts to expand its distribution network in the highly strategic UAE market. The opening comes just over a year since Expo Dubai, an event where SICIS memorably clad the Theatre of Memory housing a 3D reproduction of Michelangelo’s David with 2 million gold mosaics.

Located inside the renowned Dubai Design District (D3), the SICIS showroom allows visitors to explore the company’s wide range of floor and wall coverings and admire their aesthetic, creative and technical qualities. The showroom hosts a wide range of solutions for all design needs along with examples of the many different applications of Vetrite sheets, from their use on walls as decorative panelling to structural applications such as parapets, canopy roofs, stairs and curtain walls.

Alongside well established collections that are already popular with designers such as Vetrite and Vetrite Gem Glass, the showroom also features new solutions such as the Vetrite Sight collection designed by Studio Marco Piva, as well as intelligent new applications such as backlighting and photovoltaic Vetrite. This latter project was carried out in collaboration with the company Glass to Power, a spin-off of the University of Milan Bicocca specialising in the production of nanoparticles for the creation of decorated photovoltaic panels.

And of course, plenty of space is devoted to glass mosaics. In particular, these include backlit mosaics, special semi-transparent decorative tiles mounted on LED panels by means of transparent fibre mesh to create fascinating chiaroscuro effects.


March 2023

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