Handshake between the Chinese entrepreneur James Huang and AD Laminam Alberto Selmi


Laminam focuses on China. Signed joint venture and acquisition of strategic projects

On June 6, 2018, the Italian company global leader in the production of large-format ceramic slabs for architecture, interiors and furniture, has signed a joint venture with the Chinese entrepreneurs Mr. James Huang and Mrs. Ge Fei, owners of the company Fhr Resources, leaders in China by 20 years in the construction field and import/distribution of marble and natural stone.

The agreement, signed in Shanghai between CEO Laminam Spa Alberto Selmi, Mr Huang and Mrs. Fei, officially creates Laminam China. The new shareholding structure confirms the growth and internationalization trends of the brand of Fiorano Modenese.

Laminam China will be a support at the growth and achievement of industrial target and it will be aimed at strategic improvement and expansion in the PRC territory.

An example of this is two recent strategic projects in the capital Beijing: all facades of the new Olympic Village Shougang Tuoliu and the covering of two towers Z15 and Z12, tallest towers of the capital.

“We have elaborately chosen the 6th of June, which is the Chinese seeding date (the ninth solar term of Chinese lunar calendar) as the official signing date for the joint venture and good omen for the upcoming growth and in line with the results of our global colleagues. Sincere congratulations on the foundation of Laminam China Limited in Shanghai” – Mrs. Ge Fei, Director of Laminam China.

“Export characterise 70% of our revenue and China represents one of the most growing markets. This joint venture aims to strengthen our brand and consolidate the leadership in a Country where our ceramic slabs have a great potential”– Mr. Alberto Selmi, CEO Laminam.

In a joint venture with a Chinese company, Laminam China is born to support the internationalization of Laminam in a market with strategic potential.
Handshake between the Chinese entrepreneur James Huang and AD Laminam Alberto Selmi
One façade of the Olympic Village in Beijing with Laminam