EnergieKer: Sustainability is the heart of technological advancement

Sustainability has always been a key concern for EnergieKer – in fact, each production process complies with national and international green transition objectives.

Located in Pavullo nel Frignano, the production headquarter implements the recycling of raw and fired waste, the reuse of wastewater deriving from the manufacturing process, a careful monitoring of CO2 emissions and a wise selection of suppliers sustaining the environmental protection through their work.

In 2022, EnergieKer replaced an outdated production facility with a state-of-the-art, completely digitalized plant, thus strengthening its partnership with Sacmi. This 187-meter long line automatically monitors and reduces gas consumption in each firing zone; moreover, every compacting plant powers a zero-fuel dryer, which works through the recycling of hot air produced during the firing processes and recovered during the cooling phase of the tiles.

To reduce the fumes emitted in the atmosphere, EnergieKer invested in high solid content ink, thus using 35-40 % less product during the printing process.

Moreover, the innovative purification plant allowed the company to reduce dramatically the odorous emissions caused by the combustion of ink solvents.

The production facility is equipped with a co-generation system consisting in a turbine connected to a power supply which auto-produces electric energy and exploits the thermal energy produced by the turbine exhaust gas within the atomizer – one of the biggest in Europe. Over 9000 squared meters are covered by a vast photovoltaic plant, which reaches a peak power of 3960 kWp and allows the factory to auto-produce its electric energy, thus securing a low-impact production logic. EnergieKer new headquarter, currently under construction, has been studied and implemented according to bio-ecological architecture parameters. Buildings are perceived as living organisms that transform to maintain a balanced relationship with the environment in which they are born. The choice of raw materials such as E-glass and aluminum shape the green soul of the company, with positive consequences for the environment and the human resources. Thanks to its consistent sustainable investment plan, EnergieKer is currently EDP certified and will obtain by 2023 the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification.