Set for release in bookstores and on the main international portals on 17 September 2020 is the volume Design, Innovation and Culture of the Territory, written by Carlo Branzaglia, published by Fausto Lupetti Editore and dedicated to Ceramica Fioranese, a ceramic company whose products (starting from the Cementine tiles, which has given rise to a new category of its own) use design as an element with which to capitalise on and renew local skills.
This is a story of design that explains how the culture – the anthropology, almost – of the local area has shaped entrepreneurial initiative and project innovation mechanisms, able in turn to reinterpret and boost that culture. Starting out from a company, Ceramica Fioranese, whose very name is a proud reference to its present in the most famous ceramic district in Europe, located in Sassuolo, south of Modena, and which has specifically worked with designers from the local area to team technological innovation with a series of typically Italian traditions, redesigning them and turning them into an authentic sales phenomenon. This is the case of the Cementine tiles, designed by Silvia Stanzani, which in just a few years have formed a whole new category of their own in the ceramic sector.”