ImolaPlanet. A journey around the world in the sign of Imola

Article published in: "Reference Books: a way of inspiring new projects using tiles"

A journey around the world to discover some of the most exciting architectural and urban regeneration projects that have benefited from the precious contribution of Imola ceramics. Imola is a brand synonymous with Italian design and quality that seeks to improve the vision of designers and architects.

The journey starts from Italy and touches on a series of European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland), before taking off for Africa (Senegal), the Arab peninsula (Kuwait) and the Orient (Russia, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan), before coming to an end beyond the Pacific in the United States.

Along the way we will be visiting houses, private residences, multi-purpose complexes, public structures like top-notch health centres and universities, transport and communication hubs, company and corporation head offices, luxury resorts and internationally renowned hotels, malls and shopping centres.

This rich and varied itinerary testifies to Imola’s capacity to offer superior value in terms of both style and performance for any kind of context, function or purpose.


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