Attention to detail is key | by Alexis Cassola

Strong attention to detail defines the approach of Atlanta-based tile and stone distributor Ceramics Technics Ltd when selecting its inventory. Founded in 1988 to provide high-end tile and stone to the architecture and design community throughout North America, the company is committed to distributing only the highest level, most reliable products available in the commercial market. In addition to high technical and aesthetic quality tile, Ceramic Technics Ltd considers the main environmental standards and commercial applicability. With these aspects in mind, the company has sourced the majority of its supply from Italy, featuring a myriad of Italian tile brands in its catalog and displaying true recognition of the reliability of the “Made in Italy” trademark. In addition to its Atlanta showroom, the majority of the company’s distribution is done through in-person consultations with architects and designers, taking a hands-on approach to assisting clients in specifying the ideal tile for their projects. Its exemplary work on retail, hospitality, healthcare, corporate and educational venues, for clients ranging from national retail developers to recognized hoteliers, has made Ceramic Technics Ltd a clear choice for the prestigious 2016 Confindustria Ceramica North American Distributor Award. Principals Gerald King and Matt Houser make some thoughtful remarks about how the company has developed into the admirable practice it is today.

Could you outline the key steps that have allowed Ceramic Technics Ltd to develop into what it is today?
Ceramic Technics Ltd was created in 1988 as a company dedicated to resourcing distinctive collections of porcelain tile and natural stone for the architectural & design community throughout North America. Our ultimate goal is to be a valued resource to the design professional as well as their clients.
Our dedication to develop meaningful relationships with the design community has afforded us the opportunity to supply innovative and responsible materials to retail, hospitality, healthcare, corporate and educational venues.

How would you describe Ceramic Technics Ltd’s current position in the local and national market?
Ceramic Technics Ltd is currently most involved in the Atlanta market, and is also developing a growing presence in the national arena. Our ability to succeed on a national level has been supported by an extremely dedicated and talented group of Architectural Consultants who are an integral part of our promotional endeavours.

What type of products do you sell (in detail)?
Ceramic Technics Ltd focuses primarily on high-grade porcelain tiles produced mainly in Italy. We take great pride in representing leading-edge Italian porcelain factories that are responsible for producing appropriate products for a broad spectrum of commercial applications. We expend great effort in researching Italian porcelain tiles that are not only environmentally sensitive but also commercially appropriate and exceed all testing categories as well as presenting unique aesthetic offerings.

Who is your primary customer? How do you cater to them?
Our primary customer is the commercial tiling contractor, who we value and recognize to be an important partner in order to succeed in the commercial construction arena. We provide the same level of commitment and dedication to the professional tile contractor as to the specifying architectural & design community.

What are the intended uses of the ceramic tiles you distribute?
Our porcelain tile is predominantly supplied to the commercial side of construction. Our major venues of supply are retail malls, hospitality, healthcare as well as educational establishments.

What are some of the key characteristics of your showroom? What makes it unique?
Ceramic Technics Ltd currently maintains a showroom that focuses on both residential and commercial end users. Our showroom attempts to provide concept visuals for a multitude of porcelain, ceramic, glass and stone materials to provide clients with a hands-on approach to their individual projects.

What do you see as the most important aspect(s) of customer service?
Customer service has evolved into an integral commitment towards our company’s overall success. Every Architectural Consultant is supported by a customer service team that strives to provide the highest level of service to architects, contractors, owners and other potential end users.

What aesthetic and technical qualities of Italian tile contribute to your choice in carrying it?
It has become our personal preference to primarily import Italian porcelain tile based on the highest production standards and cutting-edge aesthetic qualities. As a company primarily committed to the architectural & design world we essentially have two characteristics to offer…Our reputation and our portfolio of products.
Based on the above premise, we are most comfortable presenting Italian porcelain tiles that afford us the essential characteristics to establish and maintain long-term relationships in the design world.

What can Italian companies do to raise their approval level within the US’s distribution system?
We have been fortunate to have long-term relationships with the majority of the Italian porcelain companies we represent, however we are concerned about the current trend amongst certain Italian producers of supplying tile directly to end users.
Although we recognize the competitive nature of supplying tile in North America, we genuinely believe this direct approach is counter-productive to the long-term success of our distribution efforts in the commercial marketplace.



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