DecoRevolution by Ceramica Fioranese

In 2013, Ceramica Fioranese embarked on a decorative design process that began with the traditional cementine tiles and has led to the creation of the current collections, perfect for contemporary settings.
Five versions: Cementine_20, Cementine_Black&White, Cementine_Evo, Cementine_Retrò e Cementine_Boho. Each one is linked to specific aspects of tradition, and has been given a new slant by the designer Silvia Stanzani, with a light, creative touch that also takes on board contemporary tastes and trends.
After five years of success with the public, Ceramica Fioranese has decided to make a book entitled DecoRevolution, featuring the most beautiful images from the collection, set against backgrounds with an industrial archaeology appearance, but which transmit a pleasant, contemporary, expressive power.
And thanks to the collaboration of clients and design engineers, it’s been possible to create a collection of interesting projects made with the Cementine, which mark out a journey, a sort of “trip through Italy”, amid country homes and eateries, buildings looking onto the sea and household interiors. The second part of the Book is dedicated to this imaginary journey.


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