городское жильё

Milan (Italy)
Valtorta 32 residential complex

Variations on a theme

The architectural project by Cino Zucchi Associati for the residential complex in Via Valtorta in Milan’s Turro neighbourhood represents an interesting corner block solution. The project takes twentieth-century urban design principles into consideration while embracing new ideas and visual identities
Milan (Italy)
Residential building in Via Asiago 91 Milan

An example of good architecture

On the northeastern outskirts of Milan, Simone Dominoni has designed an aesthetically pleasing and highly sustainable building with photovoltaic panels and ventilated façades clad in stone-effect porcelain to improve energy efficiency.
Vergaio (Prato) (Italy)
Private home in Vergaio

A renovation project with multiple design influences in a building in Tuscany

As part of a comprehensive upgrade, a 1960s building in the province of Prato has been transformed into an elegant and highly functional home with designer furniture and an energy-efficient envelope.
Cassano delle Murge (Bari) (Italy)
Private home in the Murge region

A tailor-made project

A tailor-made apartment and office space for the young owners stands out for the use of highly functional colours, materials and minimalist designs. This includes concrete-effect porcelain stoneware flooring throughout both the living and sleeping areas.
Fossano (Cuneo) (Italy)
Casa Alea

Revisiting the 1970s

A completely redesigned fifty-year-old home combines a modern spatial layout with vintage touches that reference the period of its original construction
Westwood, Los Angeles (USA)
Lumiere at Malcolm residential building

Luxury apartments in the Los Angeles hills

The new apartment building designed by William Hefner just outside Beverly Hills is an example of quality and excellence in residential design and the use of simple materials to create sophisticated, timeless spaces
Милан (Италия)
Bruzzesi 7 Studios

Что такое моя входная дверь?

Цвет является основой проекта CBArchitecs, получившего второй приз в разделе «Жилые здания» Гран-при 2019/2021
Bangkok (Thailand)
Waterfall House

Natural elegance

The contemporary architecture of Waterfall House designed by Greenbox Design Co. captures the aesthetic power of elements such as water and stone in a language composed of essential forms. The marble-effect porcelain tiles used for the interiors faithfully reproduce the textures of natural stone
Rome (Italy)
Kintsugi Home

A sophisticated renovation project based on the concept of memory

A Rome apartment renovation was inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of kintsugi, an art form that highlights the signs left by the passage of time. The spaces are coherent and harmonious, based on a holistic design approach unified by the use of very special ceramic tiles
Prato (Italy)
Private residence

An urban style interior in a traditional nineteenth-century farmhouse

A traditional exterior that blends in with the surrounding context conceals an elegant contemporary interior with modern design elements and ceramic tiling. This project by the practice B+P architetti demonstrates that it is possible to retain an old-fashioned country atmosphere while meeting contemporary stylistic needs
Будапешт (Венгрия)
Частная вилла

Хрупкий баланс заполненных объемов и пустот

Ультрасовременный дизайн и варианты оформления высокого уровня отличают виллу, утопающую в зелени Будапешта
Будапешт (Венгрия)
Частная резиденция

В геометрическом ритме и цветовых контрастах

В зеленом районе венгерской столицы расположена просторная вилла, спроектированная архитектором Беней Иштваном, которая выделяется ультрасовременным стилем, игрой цветов и форм
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