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Bruzzesi 7 Studios - Милан (Италия)

Что такое моя входная дверь?

Цвет является основой проекта CBArchitecs, получившего второй приз в разделе «Жилые здания» Гран-при 2019/2021

Swimming pool in the Plain of Catania - Catania (Italy)

A swimming pool set in a citrus grove

A swimming pool located in the Plain of Catania seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, becoming a point of intersection between the countryside and the built environment and offering exceptional views of nature

Научный центр Experimenta - Хайльбронн (Германия)

Полупрозрачная скульптура для научного просвещения

Крупнейший в Германии музей науки, который берлинская компания Sauerbruch Hutton расширила за счет 17600 кв. м открытых и динамичных площадей для продвижения физики и химии, биологии и астрономии, отделан итальянской керамической плиткой

Дом NB - Щецин (Польша)

Материальные повествования

В Доме NB богатая образность стилистических отсылок из прошлого переплетается с видением, которое отдает предпочтение современному измерению жизни. Этому также способствует палитра цветов и сочетание материалов изысканного минимализма, который не отказывается от выразительной многогранности таких поверхностей, как керамика

Штаб-квартира агентства The Associated Press (AP) - Нью-Йорк (USA)

Перечитать прошлое, чтобы построить будущее

Нью-йоркская штаб-квартира самого главного международного информационного агентства является ярким примером символичной, устойчивой и функциональной архитектуры

Школа Святого Геллерта - Будапеште (Венгрия)

Все цвета памяти

В Будапеште при реконструкции исторического здания школы с помощью искусного использования керамики была заново воссоздана античная душа здания. Цвет - абсолютный главный герой проекта

World Trade Center Propellergatan - Malmö (Sweden)

A building reminiscent of the sea in Malmö

Designed by architect Anders Blomqvist Carsten, the World Trade Center Propellergatan has a ventilated façade with anti-smog treatment that echoes the shimmering effect of sea waves

Sushiko restaurant - La Spezia

Sushiko, a return to Japanese origins

The porcelain floor tiles blend in with a new concept based on a modern reinterpretation of the iconic elements of Japanese design

Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord - Viareggio (LU)

Sustainable simplicity

The project by TAMassociati, winners of a design competition held as part of the Percorsi Diocesani initiative, adopts a clear, simple language and a socially-engaged design philosophy. Porcelain tiles from Casalgrande Padana were chosen for their quality and sustainability

Hera cogeneration plant - Bologna - Bologna

Efficiency and future-oriented architecture

Ceramic tiles have helped refresh the urban identity of a power plant that has doubled its capacity while cutting emissions

Hokkaido University of Science - Sapporo (Japan) - Tokyo (Japan)

A gateway to the future

As well as celebrating its close ties with the local community, the new Central Building at Hokkaido University of Science makes sophisticated use of architectural metaphors to represent a gateway to knowledge

Residential complex - Lambrate (MI) - Milano

Living in the Blu

This is the name chosen for a new residential complex in the Lambrate former industrial area of Milan. It is inspired by the bright ceramic façade tiles, which reflect the colour of the sky and project the image of a vibrant new neighbourhood

Jesolo Lido Beach Villa - Jesolo

A villa for two families

Located close to the famous Jesolo Lido beach, a long and narrow black-and-white building has been divided into two halves to allow the families of two brothers to spend their holidays together while maintaining their independence

Geneva Villa - Geneva (Switzerland)

Sustainable minimalism

Geneva Villa, located in the largest city in French-speaking Switzerland and winner of a "2020 mention" in the Ceramics and Design architecture competition, demonstrates how environmental responsibility and energy efficiency can play a leading role in contemporary residential architecture and help improve its aesthetic qualities

New A Due headquarters - Collecchio (PR)

A focus on human beings and their habitat

Interpersonal relationships and the interaction between humans and their environment were the guiding principles behind this industrial project

New IT Hub, University of Milan - Milano

Ceramic as the face of science

Milan University's New IT Hub and Service Centre, designed by Isolarchitetti, was the institutional category winner of the 2020 Ceramics and Design competition

Multiplex Aquatique Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, Saint Hilaire de Riez (F) - Saint Hilaire de Riez (Francia)

Waves upon waves

The Multiplex Aquatique Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, built in a Natura 2000 area, fits in perfectly with the surrounding landscape of salt marshes, ocean and river

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa - Venezia

Venice and roses

Amid history and nature, imagination and elegance, the Island of Roses is now home to a luxury 5-star hotel

Garden City Shopping Centre - Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

Inclusive exclusivity

A historic shopping mall has been given a new lease of life thanks to a carefully designed renovation project that explores natural themes and a flooring system with a well-balanced combination of sizes and colours

Vox Technlology Park - Timisoara (Romania) - Timisoara (Romania)

A state-of-the-art business premises

With its flexible, appealing and multifunctional spaces, the imposing Vox Technology Park in Timisoara reflects many aspects of the city's contemporary urban and business culture

Private villa - Malta - Malta (Malta)

Parallel planes

A nondescript Maltese villa has been reinvented through a series of ingenious and highly functional technical and aesthetic solutions that enable it to blend in with the surrounding landscape and the beckoning sea on the horizon

Klab spa and fitness centre - Prato - Prato (Italy)

Stone, marble and natural inspirations

The Florence-based practice Cipiuelle has completed the project for a 500 square metre wellness area combining aesthetics and functionality in a perfect blend of materials, colours and finishings

E House - Egerszalók (HUN) - Egerszalók (Hungary)

Pure white

In the spa town of Egerszalók, Hungary, pure white is used as the dominant colour in a 300-square-metre apartment. Ceramic tiles serve as a unifying element on all the surfaces, their colour and texture evoking the beauty of the natural landscape

Eurostop Shopping Centre - Halmstad (S) - Halmstad (Sweden)

Shopping promenade

A colourful ceramic carpet marks out routes in the Eurostop shopping centre in Halmstad

Nuova sede Croce Rossa Italiana, Comitato locale di Scandiano (RE) - Scandiano (RE)

A building reflecting light and values

The founding principles of the Red Cross live on in the new headquarters in Scandiano

Central Public Library - Calgary, AB (Canada) - Calgary, AB (Canada)

Not just a repository for books but an agora of exceptional beauty

An international design firm with the support of a unique citizen think-tank created a ground-breaking public library in Canada

Humanitas University Campus - Milano - Rozzano (Milano) (Italy)

Humanitas and contemporary humanism

Located just outside Milan, the new Humanitas University Campus brings together innovative form and content to create a fascinating, timeless village designed according to principles of sustainability

LuxLine Residential Building - Pori (Finland) - Pori (Finland)

A river runs through it

In Pori, Finland, architect Birgitta Hjelm-Luontola has designed a private residence where the natural surroundings have entered the home and influenced the design choices

Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus - Valdaora (BZ) - Valdaora (Italy)

Mountain water

An architecture firm committed to research against boredom in architecture. An aging hotel in need of renovation. The result is an astonishing project that exploits the unique qualities of ceramics

Klauzal Square Market Hall - Budapest (H) - Budapest (Ungheria)

Functional renovation of the Klauzal Square Market Hall in Budapest

In the renovation project for this historic covered market, the existing structure has been enhanced by the design of the ceramic floor covering, which offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the original pattern through meticulous use of small size elements

IULM 6 Free University of Languages and Communication - Milan - Milano

One material, many materials

For the expansion project of the IULM University of Languages and Communication in Milan, the 5+1AA firm of architects designed a tower with spaces for classrooms and laboratories, canteen and kitchens, offices and an astonishing 700-seat auditorium clad with green ceramic tiles

115 West Street - Johannesburg (South Africa) - Johannesburg (South Africa)

The natural choice made by Paragon Architects

The prestigious new headquarters of the financial group Alexander Forbes successfully combines energy efficiency and innovation with a parterre paved entirely with Italian ceramic tile

Miriandhoo Baa Atoll Maldives Resort - Maldives - Miriandhoo Baa Atoll (Maldive)

High-level hospitality and sustainability in the Baa atoll

The resort designed by Peia Associati for Marriott International on the small green island of Miriandhoo is an eco-friendly development consisting of 70 bungalows set in a UNESCO biosphere reserve

Sapphire Residence Complex - Berlin (D) - Berlino (Germania)

The sapphire house

The astonishing Sapphire residential building designed by Daniel Libeskind, a landmark in Berlin's central Mitte neighbourhood, is a complex volume clad with sapphire-like ceramic panels

Life residential complex - Brescia - Brescia

Life is a diamond

The Life project focuses on the human dimension of living spaces: tradition and proportion, high-quality materials, plays of light, loggias, terraces and green spaces

Bid-on Fashion Store - Fossalta di Portogruaro (VE) - Fossalta di Portogruaro (VE)

Quality reinvents history

Design, innovation, emotion, well-being, energy sustainability and visibility: the new BID ON Fashion store designed by Roberto Drigo is all of this and more

Medrese River Station (Muslim Seminary) - Bolgar (Russia) - Bolgar (Repulic of Tatarstan, Russia)

In the ancient capital of the Tatars

At the heart of the new Bolgar river station, a UNESCO Heritage site since 2014, lies a waterjet cut ceramic carpet

Residential Complex Asnières-sur-Seine (France) - Asnières-sur-Seine (Francia)

An eye-catching residential block just outside Paris

This largely residential block in Asnières-sur-Seine, a town on the banks of the Seine to the north-west of Paris, stands out for the use of ceramic tiles on the façade

Through House - Toronto, Canada - Toronto (Canada)

An urban oasis in Toronto

A renovation project for a single-family home in Toronto, Canada blurs the distinction between interior and exterior and extends the living space into the rear garden, which has the intimacy of a small private zen oasis

Ryerson Service Hub - Toronto, Canada - Toronto (Canada)

Back to the future

From a grey brutalist building to a bright contemporary university service hub. Ceramic tile plays a leading role in this successful, award-winning functional redevelopment project

Jerome L. Greene Science Center, Columbia University - New York, USA - New York (USA)

Innovative and sustainable solutions for Manhattanville Campus

A new university complex designed to encourage interaction and sharing as well as openness towards the outside world

Zamkowe Tarasy Gallery - Lublin (Poland) - Lublin (Poland)

A shopping centre in the form of a green hill

This project in a historically important location has cleverly minimised impact on the environment by adopting an original underground solution

Casa Azpitia - Mala (Peru) - Mala (Perù)

Rocky textures, sun-filled skies

A house in the Peruvian desert makes judicious use of materials, textures and colours to blend into the surrounding landscape

Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Glass Church) - Baranzate (Milano) - Baranzate

Communion, Sharing, Contemporaneity

The renovation of a religious building from the 1950s, based on a restoration project drawn up by the original architects, is an excellent example of "philological" restoration in modern architecture.

Private house "Aimant si Passion" - Le Touquet (France) - Le Touquet (Francia)

Dynamic contrasts

The renovation and extension project for a large house in Le Touquet, in northern France, creates an original dialogue between old and contemporary styles

Sky Lounge Bar Kempinski Residences & Suite - Doha (Qatar) - Doha (Qatar)

A breathtaking view over Doha

The luxury suite of the top two storeys of the Kempinski Residences & Suites in Doha has been converted into a Sky Lounge Bar

New Alexander Forbes headquarters - Johannesburg, South Africa - Johannesburg (South Africa)

Functionality, environmental quality and high energy-efficiency

The Alexander Forbes office complex stands out for the vitality and dynamism of its interiors, set against the silently sober presence of the ceramic floor coverings used on every level

Marseilles Docks, France - Marseille (Francia)

Ceramics as a living material

The historic dock buildings are given a new lease of life in a carefully designed redevelopment project in which ceramic tile plays a key technological and emotional role

Montebar Villa - Medeglia, Ticino Canton (Switzerland) - Medeglia, Canton Ticino (Svizzera)

An inhabited monolith

Villa Montebar is a prefabricated home set in landscaped grounds in the Swiss Alps. Looking like a cross between a monolith and a spaceship, it subverts the common image of a peaceful mountain chalet

Paul Haucolas swimming pool - Leffrinckoucke (France) - Leffrinckoucke (Francia)

Designing with colour

Energy saving and colour research are the key features of this new swimming centre, where ceramic tiles play a major role in determining the overall environmental quality

"Terre da Vino" Winery Headquarters - Barolo (CN) - Barolo

Local knowledge

Both the original architecture and the subsequent expansion project for the "Terre da Vino" winery in the Barolo region symbolise the company's strong links to tradition

Pearl Valley Golf Estate House 482 - Paarl (South Africa) - Paarl (Sud Africa)

Conversing with nature

A successful combination of nature and artifice is key in this villa overlooking the golf courses in the South African garden city of Paarl. The ceramic tiling has played a major role in the project

Ex Metalmetron - Savona - Savona (Italy)

Redeveloping the Le Officine complex in Savona

A judicious use of colour gives new life and architectural unity to the essential volumes of a new multifunctional centre

School Complex, Massalengo, Lodi - Massalengo, Lodi (Italy)

A school in Massalengo

A new school in the Lodi area combines tradition and technology in a modern version of the country house

Church - Sonnenbühl (D) - Sonnenbühl (Germany)

A modern church

A church in Germany rejects the architectural conventions of places of worship. Lacking a steeple and other architectural elements, it stands out for its use of neutral colour tones and natural light

Private House - Cambrai (F) - Cambrai, Merignies (Francia)

A modern-day chateau

In the gently rolling French countryside about a hundred kilometres from Calais, a single family residence explores an original relationship between history, nature and architecture. Aided by the skilful use of ceramic tile

"La Cartiera" Shopping Centre - Pompei (NA) - Pompei, Napoli

A shopping centre with its roots in industrial archaeology

Built on the site of a disused paper mill, the shopping centre fits perfectly into the surrounding urban history

Aquarena Acquatic Complex and SPA - Arras (France) - Arras (Francia)

A shell cradled by the waves

Aquarena: a fantasy world centred on the restorative power of water

Jasionka Airport - Rzeszów (Poland) - Rzeszow (Polonia)

The flying carpet

Beneath the spectacular paraboloid of Rzeszów airport terminal, the elegant ceramic floor covering plays a key role in a project of great formal clarity.

Akadem Park Shopping Centre - St. Petersburg (RU) - San Pietroburgo (Russia)

The secret garden

A St. Petersburg department store has been refurbished as part of an interior design project inspired by nature, a concept enhanced by the original use of porcelain tiles

Hotel-Business Management School Georges-Frêche - Montpellier (FR) - Montpellier (Francia)

Fuksas, ceramics and a catering school

A landmark city project has been completed in Montpellier, France

San Pio da Pietrelcina church compound - Rome - Roma

A roof that combines aesthetics and symbolism

The parish complex of San Pio da Pietrelcina has become the landmark of the Malafede neighbourhood in the suburbs of Rome

Shopping Centre - Yekaterinburg (RUS) - Yekaterinburg (Russia)

Dynamic flow

An elegant retail and socialisation venue uses an array of finely waterjet-cut porcelain tiles to break away from traditional compositional layouts

Piccoli Residence - Griffith (AUS) - Sydney (Australia)

Form = matter

This is the philosophy that inspired the design of this house/village made up of a number of residential volumes

Las Palmeras House - Lima (Perù) - Lima (Perù)

Horizon over the sea

The geometric use of monochromatic ceramic tiles enhances the spatial layout with elegance and precision and defines the aesthetics of the terrace overlooking the sea

Cedacri Group Headquarters - Collecchio (PR) - Collecchio, Parma

Coherent and sustainable

A productivity-centred architecture and a sensitive approach turn function into form, and use ceramic as the medium for its expression

International Terminal Brisbane Airport - Brisbane (AUS) - Brisbane (Australia)

A triumph of light,
air and ceramics

The recent Brisbane airport terminal expansion project draws inspiration from the Queensland landscape

Private Villa - Le Rheu (France) - Le Rheu (Francia)

Around the patio

In a detached villa in Le Rheu, France, the geometric rigour of the project is mitigated by a dialogue between interior and exterior and the expressive power of the chosen materials

"The house of the sun" nursery school - Barberino Val d'Elsa (Florence) - Barberino Val d'Elsa, Firenze (Italy)

A house of colour for children

A kaleidoscope of colours symbolising children's development from the ages of 3 to 6.

Museum Design Hotel - Montaldo Torinese (To) - Montaldo Torinese (To)

Museum Design Hotel

The castle of Montaldo features a sophisticated cultural exhibition as part of an original accommodation and wellness concept

College Descartes - Mons en Baroeul (F) - Mons en Baroeul (Francia)

A school that focuses on communication

College Descartes is an example of a successful French public building project where the choice of materials plays a key role in identifying the building's functions

Simplon Udvar - Budapest (Hungary) - Budapest (Ungheria)

Simplon Udvar in Budapest

A prestigious residential complex located in the South Buda area which makes innovative compositional use of colour on the external elevations

Troyka Shopping Centre - Moscow (Russia) - Mosca (Russia)

Flowing spaces and soft atmospheres


Ledley King House - Hertfordshire (GB) - Hertfordshire (Gran Bretagna)

Made in Italy? Yes, please

A prestigious private residence in the English countryside makes stunning use of Italian ceramic tiles

Sky Shopping Centre - Riga (Latvia) - Riga (Lettonia)

A human-scale shopping centre

With their large floor spaces and open areas, shopping centres are destined to redraw the landscape of the suburbs, in the best cases forging new territorial identities.

Canada Line - Rapid Transit Project - Vancouver BC (Canada)

A LEED certified metropolitan railway in Canada

Sixteen stations that integrate into the surrounding landscape.

Focus Mall - Piotrkòw Trybunalski (PL) - Piotrkòw Trybunalski (Polonia)

Shopping and the city

The ceramic floor tiling in the Focus Mall in the Polish city of Piotrkòw Trybunalski, opened in 2009, explores the theme of urban itineraries through a design concept that combines harmony with strong visual impact.

Tiburtino Shopping Centre - Guidonia (Roma) - Guidonia Montecelio (Roma)

The new Tiburtino Shopping Centre

The 50,000 square metre mall also serves as a social meeting point in the Aniene valley

Private house - Budapest (H) - Budapest (Hungary)

Rationalism revisited

A single-family house in Budapest emphasises the concept of modularity in terms of both surfaces and volumes. An exercise in applied geometry for a modern contemporary villa.

Polo per l'infanzia "Lama Sud" - Ravenna - Ravenna

Sustainability and tradition at the service of children

The province of Ravenna is home to a new project based on best practices that establishes the Emilia Romagna region as the world leader in the field of educational facilities

Phoenix Skyarbor Airport-T4 - Phoenix (Arizona (USA))

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Italian ceramic tiles played a key role in the spectacular remodelling project for Terminal 4 in Arizona's largest airport

Granada Mall Shopping Center - Riyadh (SA) - Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

A microcosm of urban consumption

The Granada Mall: a space of intercultural relations

Villa Malta - Gragnano (PC) - Gragnano (PC)

The Porcelain Tile House

Set in the hills near Piacenza, this villa plays on the volumes and textures of its cladding

Railway station - Szeged (H) - Szeged (Ungheria)

Szeged Railway Station

A major conservative restoration project in which Italian tiles have been integrated into a historic setting of high architectural value

Private House - Lugano (CH) - Lugano

Plays of contrast over the lake

A single-family villa at Lugano, in a position that commands a splendid view over lake Ceresio and its mountains, stands out for the contraposition of horizontal and vertical lines and the contrast of bright and dark colours and materials