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Uni-Invest Headquarters - Budapest (Hungary)

A home-like office space

The Budapest Headquarters of the construction and civil engineering company Uni-Invest presents a contemporary, inviting and vibrant image, with both its interiors and exteriors offering a variety of material and sensorial experiences.

Yangtze River Delta International R&D Park - Shanghai (China)

Modernity rooted in the distant past

The new technology park designed by gmp architects in Suzhou is a sustainable research and development centre inspired by the most traditional of all classical Chinese gardens, the Garden of the Humble Administrator.

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Корейская биржевая компания KRX - Йеуидо (Южная Корея)

Сеульская фондовая биржа возрождается в зеленом цвете

Новая философия архитектуры и интерьера штаб-квартиры KRX, Корейской биржевой компании: проект Design Bono обращен в сторону экологичности

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Commercial/office building in Via Spiga 26 - Milan (Italy)

A custom-designed urban project

Ceramic tiles play a pivotal role in an urban renewal project in Milan’s fashion district, highlighting the craftsmanship and style of the world’s best known fashion brands.

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Частная вилла - Будапешт (Венгрия)

Хрупкий баланс заполненных объемов и пустот

Ультрасовременный дизайн и варианты оформления высокого уровня отличают виллу, утопающую в зелени Будапешта

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MD logistics centre - Cortenuova (BG) (Italy)

Brighter and more functional workspaces

MD’s new logistics centre in the town of Cortenuova in the province of Bergamo features overhead lighting and contemporary finishings such as stone-effect ceramic tiles

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Линия 4 миланского метрополитена - Милан

M4, линия без машиниста водителя, чтобы Милан был более удобен для передвижения

Новая линия метро протяженностью 15 км с 21 станцией к 2024 году соединит район Лорентеджио с аэропортом Линате и пройдет через центр города

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Керамический Центр - Сассуоло

Путь длиною в 40 лет навстречу будущему

Новый керамический Центр, спроектированный компанией Faggioli Architetti из Болоньи в 1976 году, расширяется и растет

Grand Hotel Victoria - Menaggio (CO)

Five-star relaxation

Originally built on the shores of Lake Como in 1870, Grand Hotel Victoria was recently renovated and extended and now offers five-star luxury accommodation along with a splendid 1,600-square-metre spa

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Tartarini Auto - Castel Maggiore (BO)

Technology and renovation for Tartarini Auto

A factory building dating back to the early 1960s has been completely refurbished by the Bologna-based practice Link Studio STP using dry-laid ultra-thin laminated stoneware panels

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Штаб-квартира Technip Energies - Nanterre La Défense, Париж (France)

«Origine» — белая скала в квартале Ла-Дефанс

Компания Technip Energies переезжает. Новый офис, также расположенный в парижском финансовом квартале, примиряет в своей концепции природу и архитектуру, а его новый холл перекликается со стилем нью-йоркского музея Гуггенхайма

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Gaëlle Paris Showroom - Milan

Paris meets Italy

In a luxury showroom in Milan, the sophisticated rigour of Italian black and white goes hand in hand with the glamour of French creativity

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Rimini North Sea Park - Rimini

Nature and soft mobility on Rimini’s redeveloped seafront

The coast road separating the town of Rimini from its beaches is being transformed with cycle paths, pedestrian walkways, mini-plazas and an abundance of greenery

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Tunnel on Austria's S6 Semmering expressway - Wartberg (Austria)

On the road again

Recently completed upgrading work on Austria's S6 Semmering expressway between Wartberg and Krieglach included the installation of ultra-thin ceramic panels on the walls of the 160 metre long Wartberg Tunnel. To meet the needs of the motorway operator Asfinag, Cotto D'Este produced a custom-designed Kerlite3 plus product in a 300x100 cm size

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Headquarters of Bonfiglioli Group's D&P division - Calderara di Reno (BO) - CALDERARA DI RENO (BO)

Inclusive collaboration

The renovated headquarters of the Bonfiglioli Group's D&P division in Calderara di Reno, Bologna is an NZEB building designed to facilitate communication between the production areas and the administration centre

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Residential complex in Maggiolina - Milan - MILANO

Living in Milan’s Maggiolina neighbourhood

What's so unusual about this new sustainable, green, flexible and modular residential complex? Every apartment has a different façade

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New SMC Italia headquarters - Brugherio (MB) (ITALY)

Workspaces for the new normal

The new SMC Italia headquarters in Brugherio has three office floors, a central courtyard with a skylight that allows natural light to reach all the interior spaces, and a new warehouse. The project was awarded to the practice e45 Genuine Italian Design

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Pescara Courthouse - PESCARA (ITALY)

The Pescara Courthouse gets a facelift

Custom-made coloured body porcelain stoneware slabs were chosen for the ventilated façades

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Ciudad de Valencia ferry - Porto Viro (RO) (ITALY)

Design and a maritime identity

An itinerant showcase of surfaces and colours that sails the Mediterranean

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Odrzanska Residence - Wrocław (Poland) - BRZEG (Polonia)

Eternal present

In an interplay of memory and innovation, an old building is given a new lease of life through a sensitive design project and an iconic hi-tech envelope created from ultra-thin ceramic panels

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Rearth Inc. Headquarters - Bucheon (South Korea) - Bucheon (Corea)

A punctuated façade

Rearth Inc., a leading Korean distributor of smartphone accessories, opened in Bucheon its new headquarters

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Perla Saracena Luxury Suites - Torre Pali di Salve (LE) - Torre Pali (Puglia) (ITALY)

Luxurious modernity and the Salento hospitality tradition

A new luxury resort stands amongst the green of the Mediterranean maquis close to the sandy coast known as the "Maldives of Salento"

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Hamad International Airport - Doha (QAT) - Doha (Qatar)

The sky’s the limit

When working on the interior design project for the passenger spaces at Doha's Hamad airport, designed by the American firm HOK and inaugurated in 2014, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel's practice addressed the issues of scale and durability

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San Colombano Suites - Bardolino - VERONA (ITALY)

A quiet, relaxing holiday destination in the hills near Bardolino sul Garda

The four lakeside suites offer high-quality interiors built with X-lam wood, while Italian ceramic tiles bring a touch of elegance, personality and sustainability inside and out

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Marble House - Buenos Aires (AR) - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

A dialogue between materials

Marble House is a private villa located in one of the most exclusive areas of Buenos Aires. Designed by Argentine practice OON Architecture, it stands out for its imposing volumes and pure white travertine envelope

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UpTown residential complex - Milan

Smart regeneration

The first Italian smart district, UpTown Milan covers a total area of 900,000 square metres and has a 250,000 square metre park at its centre. It is a new city neighbourhood fully equipped with physical and digital connections and shared services

Edificio C - Aversa (CE) - Aversa (CE)

Maintaining a façade

Oltre i vincoli di una preesistenza strutturale per reinventare un manufatto architettonico di qualità, grazie anche all'attento ricorso ai rivestimenti ceramici dell'inA high-quality architectural project overcame the constraints of an existing structure, making excellent use of ceramic tiles as a façade claddingolucro

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Single-family home - Atessa (Chieti) - Atessa (CH)

In perfect harmony with nature

A house built from stone, wood and concrete in the Abruzzo hills blends in with the surrounding landscape

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Nuovo Picchio residential care centre - San Felice sul Panaro (Modena) - San Fellice sul Panaro (Mo)

A location spanning tradition and innovation

The Nuovo Picchio residential care centre helps guests feel at home in an innovative space that maintains its links with tradition

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Fastweb Headquarters - Milan - Milano

Innovation and sustainability for the new Fastweb Headquarters in Milan

The new Fastweb Headquarters designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel is an integral part of the Symbiosis project for the new Milan business district characterised by imposing buildings and the maximum environmental sustainability. The project adopts ultra-thin large ceramic panels for the façade cladding

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Hotel and Visitor Centre at Nyíregyháza Zoo - Hungary - Nyíregyháza (UNGHERIA)

A ceramic Pangea

The architecture of a large zoo explores the relationship with nature, using ceramic tiles to enhance form and function

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Private residence - Ibiza (Spain) - Ibiza (Spagna)

The Rock: Mediterranean luxury

On the island of Ibiza, just a fifteen-minute drive from the nightlife capital, stands an oasis of peace that blends into the landscape. A villa of sumptuous simplicity, a symphony of stone, wood and water

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Siemens Headquarters - Milan (Italy) - Milano

Casa Siemens in Milan

The German multinational's new Milan headquarters reflects a long-term vision that aims to make the company a leading player in what has been referred to as the fourth industrial revolution

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Lido Riccio Residence - Ortona, Chieti - Ortona (CH)

Three white houses with a sea view

White forms with simple geometries and a strong personality just a short walk from the sea

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Private home Darling Point - Sydney (AUS) - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

A panoramic view of Keltie Bay, Sydney

With its full-height windows and neutral colour palette, a luxury apartment in Australia offers breathtaking views

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Pécs Zoo - Pécs (Hungary) - Pécs (Ungheria)

A bright new cladding for the façades of Pécs Zoo

One of Hungary's most popular tourist attractions, Pécs Zoo was recently renovated by architects from the practice Nara Studio who chose laminated porcelain large-size panels for the façade cladding

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Salam Department Store Mall of Qatar - Doha - Al-Rayyan, Doha (Qatar)

Pure gold of the intellect

In a large futuristic department store, architecture, history and graphic design have been united through skilful use of custom-made finishings and furnishings

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"Leonardo da Vinci" Airport, E Boarding Area - Fiumicino (Rome) - Roma

Innovation in mobility

The new boarding area E of the "Leonardo da Vinci" airport in Rome Fiumicino served as the testing ground for a project to upgrade the spaces, transit flows and technologies of a strategic part of Italy's most important airport

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Private residence - Oberhausen (D) - Oberhausen (Germania)

Understated architecture

In this modernist style villa combining functionality with aesthetics, the quiet, understated architecture is reflected in the choice of colours and materials

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SAP Business Centre - Budapest (H) - Budapest (Ungheria)

Information technology in the green setting of Graphisoft Park

Rigour and compositional elegance are the keynotes of this Business Centre, which stands out for its simple aesthetics

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Villa De Bernardi - Turin - Torino

A restoration project in harmony with history

In Turin, a project to convert a splendid early-twentieth-century Liberty style villa into an office building involved restoring the decorative elements of the period and setting them in a context of functionality and comfort. The ceramic floor tiles played a key role

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Hotel Nira Montana, La Thuile (Aosta) Italy - La Thuille

A five-star hotel spanning innovation and tradition in La Thuile

Combining contemporary design with the finest Alpine tradition, the Nira Montana hotel offers its guests the very best in five-star hospitality, including a spa looking out over the valley

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The Reale Group's new offices - Turin - Torino

A new home for a company with over a hundred years of history

Reale Mutua's new offices in the centre of Turin are energy efficient, architecturally striking and extremely functional.

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Hanes House - Andersonville, TN (USA) - Andersonville (USA)

Hanes House, timeless design

This summer residence in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee, an eco-sustainable home for a large family, emerges from the granite rocks of the landscape

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New High-Speed Bologna Central Station - Bologna - Bologna

The subtle strength of large surfaces

Ceramic takes centre stage in the monumental underground facility, designed by Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei, for the high-speed train connection in Bologna Central station

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Tiburtina high-speed train station - Rome - Roma

Much more than a train station

With its contemporary and environmentally-conscious design language and technologies, the Tiburtina high-speed rail station serves as an important multifunctional centre in the heart of Rome

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Palazzo Valperga Galleani - Turin - Torino

The most beautiful house in the world

A Baroque building in the heart of Turin's old city centre has been restored to its former glory as part of a meticulous renovation project combining old and contemporary decorative elements. Starting out from the choice of materials

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Skyway Monte Bianco - Courmayeur-AO

Stairway to heaven

The new Mont Blanc cable car complex was a major technological and architectural undertaking in which latest-generation extra-thick porcelain tiles played an important role.

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Private House - Aversa (CE) - Aversa CE

Form is substance

Formal and technological research coexist effectively in an innovative residence in the city of Aversa, where creativity is supported by rigorous construction choices

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Base Tunnel A1 (Milan-Naples) Motorway - Badia Nuova - Aglio Section - Badia Nuova - Aglio

An underground ceramic application

The Base Tunnel for the Variante di Valico deviation of the A1 (Milan-Naples) motorway ADOPTS an innovative cladding system for the internal walls, opening up interesting prospects for ultra-thin ceramic porcelain panels

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Residential Complex "Bosco verticale" - Milano - Milano

A Vertical Forest in the heart of Milan

Living in nature without sacrificing comfort, security or a central location

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Private residence - Bologna - Bologna

A metropolitan loft

An interior design project in Bologna saw a 1950s apartment converted into a loft with a strong personality

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Golden Ray Luxury Resort - Primošten, Croatia - Primošten (Croazia)

A perfect balance between nature and artifice

One of the most beautiful places in Croatia is the setting for a complex luxury resort that blends perfectly into the natural environment.

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Plaza of the Americas - Dallas, TX (USA) - Dallas (Texas, USA)

A rediscovered plaza

In Dallas, Texas a covered plaza has been given a new lease of life as an oasis for all seasons, where fountains and vegetation are immersed in a controlled microclimate.

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Bresciadue Metro Station - Brescia - Brescia

The metro of the future

Brescia's new metro consists of 17 cutting-edge stations that combine efficiency, design and environmental comfort

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"Pietro Barilla" Children's Hospital - Parma

A hospital tailored to children

A project that combines the efficiency of medical procedures with a human and psychological vision of a healthcare facility

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Multifunctional Building Unipol Tower - Bologna - Bologna

When sustainability scrapes the sky

The first office tower in Italy to attain LEED Gold certification, built to an integrated design encompassing everything, from energy efficiency through to the quality of the building interiors

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Private Villa - Osijek (Croatia) - Osijek (Croazia)

O4 House, an oasis of nature in the city

Single-family villa close to the river Drava in the western area of Osijek, a city on the border between Croatia and Hungary example of balance between the outside world and the inside of the residence

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Nuovo Teatro Dell'Opera - Firenze - Firenze

A new home for Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

The Nuovo Teatro dell'Opera complex is an international-level opera house and an urban space that interacts with the city and its history

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Centro commerciale e residenziale Cvjetni - Zagreb (Croatia) - Zagabria (Croazia)

A new complex in Flower Square

The new Cvjetni multifunctional complex opened in Zagreb's central "Flower Square" in May last year adds to the elegance and discreet charm of this cosmopolitan city.

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Private house - Vitoria (Spain) - Vitoria (Spagna)

A skin made of ceramic

An innovative ceramic cladding was the successful solution adopted on this building. Like a tailor-made second skin, it assures perfect protection against the elements and outstanding aesthetic appeal. When the sun shines, the house appears to radiate pure light thanks to its snow-white skin

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Hotel Albir Playa - Alicante (Spain) - Alicante (Spagna)

Hotel Albir Playa in Alicante

With its elegant and welcoming architecture and splendid garden, Albir Playa Hotel is a well-known meeting place for personalities from the world of cinema and film lovers. It also hosts art exhibitions and serves as a hospitality venue for winter sports teams.

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Hotel Royal Santina - Rome - Roma

Luxury Rome hospitality

The renovated Hotel Royal Santina offers an oasis of modernity and comfort just a short walk from the gardens of the Baths of Diocletian and the National Museum of Rome

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Delta Zero residential+office building - Lugano (CH) - LUGANO (SVIZZERA)

Delta Zero: hi-tech with a view

A prestigious multifunctional building located in Lugano, Switzerland stands out for the flexibility of its interior spaces.

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Istituto Clinico Humanitas Research Centre - Rozzano (MI) - ROZZANO (MI)

A Cutting-Edge Research Centre and Teaching Hospital

Fully integrated into the Humanitas clinic, the new scientific centre hosts the University of Milan's degree course in Medicine and Surgery, Biotechnologies and Nursing

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Mater Domini Clinic - Castellana (Varese) - Castellana

New Mater Domini Clinic

A prestigious healthcare facility where porcelain tiles help to create an environment that is welcoming, safe, hygienic and functional, as well as sober and elegant

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