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Italian ceramic tiles were the preferred choice for the renovation of this Singapore bus-rail interchange and adjoining buildings
Rachele Michinelli
David Tan
Architect Team 3
Superfici Ceramiche
Anno di realizzazione

Ang Mo Kio, a satellite city located in the north-eastern region of the island of Singapore, recently underwent a major urban redevelopment project that involved the entire town centre. The series of operations included a project of considerable economic and infrastructural importance: the renovation of a bus-rail interchange together with a large new shopping mall, complete with social facilities. The project was devised by Architects Team 3, a firm with years of experience in the strategic urban planning of many Asian cities and with branches in Singapore, Bangalore and across India.
The first stage of the redevelopment process was the temporary transfer of the old bus station, after which the old site was expanded and incorporated into the ground floor of a brand new building. An air conditioning system was also installed for passenger comfort.
As this project was being completed, the re-opening and renovation work on a pre-existing underpass was also coming to an end, forming an underground link to the MRT Station, the main railway station opposite the brand new building complex beyond Avenue 8.
Given the considerable importance of the project for the inhabitants of Ang Mo Kio as a future focal point of their daily lives in terms of travel, shopping and leisure, in March 2005 the developers held a competition to find a name for the mega shopping mall with a view to fostering greater community involvement in the operation.
“AMK Hub”, an acronym of the initials of the satellite district, was the winning proposal chosen from among the many entries because it was highly representative of the area and of the importance of the development for the entire region. “AMK Hub”, therefore, was the name given to the large 48,250-square metre building consisting of seven floors, three below ground and four above.
AMK Hub has become synonymous with a lively urban lifestyle that the locals can feel a part of and where they can find a wide range of services.
This multifunctional centre has drawn many retail and social cooperatives. It also houses a number of restaurants, a FairPrice hypermarket, banks, credit institutes, a multiplex cinema, healthcare and childcare facilities and social centres for senior citizens. All of these areas are fully wheelchair accessible.
The materials for the interiors of the complex were designed and chosen by renowned interior design studio RDG Interiors, which selected an Emilceramica product for a major role: that of covering a considerable portion of the total surface area – 20,000 square metres, no less – using Fashion series porcelain tile. The tiles were used for the huge public area of the gallery, the main access artery to the various floors used by visitors and shoppers.
A range of light, neutral coloured tiles were chosen and laid in simple patterns, creating strong area identification and an elegant complement to the sequence of colours, store signs and images of the various retail outlets.

Superfici Ceramiche
Emilceramica, Serie Fashion
grès porcellanato
Light (beige chiaro), Soft (beige scuro) e Minimal (grigio)
30x60 cm

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