Evensong Spa - Greenlake, WI (USA) - Greenlake, WI (USA)

Evensong Spa, a tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright

The exterior of the building is clearly inspired by the guru of world architecture
Giorgio Tartaro
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Testani Design Troupe - CMD Architects
Superfici Ceramiche
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Keen observers of developments in contemporary interiors cannot but confirm certain design trends that are also affecting residential and small and large communal facilities.
While kitchen and bathroom areas have seen the most radical changes in terms of materials, system solutions, layout and volumes, the transversal project of well-being follows two main trends: one that pertains to the amazing, astounding, hi-tech and space-age and another that is more traditional and reassuring – the return to nature.
From the domestic bathroom to large-scale spas, these two trends run parallel, sometimes wholly independently and sometimes with hints of common traits, albeit fleeting or camouflaged.
If we were to ascribe one of these design trends to Evensong Spa, Green Lake, Wisconsin, joint winner of the Ceramic Tiles of Italy Design Competition 2007, it would have to be the “naturalistic” category, but with some reservations. Most obviously, the project constitutes a happy union between a public and private place. While the furnishing solutions and the tile laying patterns that fully exploit the available range are typical of a public end use, the general character of the place is that of a residential application.
Testani Design Troupe (Scottsdale) worked with CMD Architects (Phoenix) to create this haven of well-being immersed in nature.
The exterior, clearly inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, creates a dialogue with an interior designed according to organic and naturalistic themes, in part due to the striking design and finish of Sant’Agostino’s ceramic tile collections.
The horizontal lines of the exterior in harmony with the geological characteristics of the location and the warm colours selected for the interior wall tiles make this project instantly identifiable but capable of changing with the passage of time and the varying light and seasons. It is a place whose layout and spatial design (particularly spaces like the spiral and the labyrinth) are naturally suited to the function of psychophysical regeneration. The ceramic tiling testifies to a desire for durability and coordinates perfectly with other natural materials in a way that is appreciated by users.
Ceramic tiles from Ceramica Sant’Agostino are used in the entranceway, on the “labyrinth”, in the manicure and pedicure area, in the changing-room area and also for the swimming pool and the Turkish bath.
Last but not least, the playful combination of ethnic furnishing elements used in a variety of ways in different areas links the New World (the USA) with the Cradle of Mankind (Africa). This is echoed in the name of the collection (Africa Mosaic) and in general in the bold yet elegant combination of “wild” nature and “artificiality of design”.

Superfici Ceramiche
Ceramica Sant'Agostino, Serie Gemstone
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