We are ABK Group

Breaking boundaries is the concept behind the restyling of the ABK Group’s logo. The company and its brands have always sought to overcome limits and explore new horizons, an idea that is now expressed visually by the new logo with lettering that seems to break out of the perimeter of a square.

To transfer this vision to the Group’s individual brands, a version has also been designed to accompany the existing logos in which the name ABK Group is preceded by the words “We are” to underscore the idea of sharing and belonging.

Thanks to this community spirit and the strength and determination of everyone involved with the company, ABK Group has achieved rapid growth in recent years and has made large-scale investments in technical research and innovation as well as strategic new acquisitions both in Italy and abroad.

The restyling of the company logo provides a graphic representation of the transformation of the Finale Emilia-based company, which was founded exactly 30 years ago and has now broken out of the boundaries of traditional ceramics to officially become one of the top players in the Italian ceramic industry with 2021 revenues of €213 million.