The new Fondovalle space: a laboratory of ideas with a homely feel

When renovating its headquarters in Torre Maina, Ceramica Fondovalle created premises that are not only ideal for showcasing the company’s products and know-how but above all are inspired by living spaces. The new Fondovalle “home” is a perfect combination of colours, materials and sensorial exploration of the company’s ceramic collections and solutions in an attractive and hospitable setting.

From bright pop art colours in the style of Andy Warhol at the entrance, the tour continues through a sequence of unique spaces and materials. The first is the room at the heart of the home: the kitchen. Combinations of light and dark shades with decorative details on the walls create a space where porcelain stoneware takes centre stage on surfaces and furnishing accessories such as tables and worktops, which consist entirely of marble-effect slabs.

The tour of the Fondovalle laboratory offers an insight into contemporary and on-trend interior design. Combining attention to detail, cutting-edge solutions and sophisticated taste, the new Fondovalle space is the perfect place to discover innovative materials for design projects and an environment where one can feel at home.