Garden Park Hotel - Prato allo Stelvio (BZ)

In harmony with nature in the Vinschgau Valley

The Garden Park Hotel has undergone a modern but far from minimalist renovation, where trowelled concrete-effect surfaces accompany guests on a journey of well-being and relaxation
Claudia Capperucci
Werner Lang | Proline
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

Garden Park Hotel is located in the heart of the Vinschgau Valley at the foot of the Stelvio National Park, one of Italy’s most spectacular areas of natural beauty. It is a hospitality showcase that recently underwent an architectural renovation project aimed at harmonising the existing structure with the natural surroundings and creating comfortable rooms with a serene, relaxing ambience. After being purchased by the current owner, the interior of the hotel was renovated and the Bolzano-based firm Proline was commissioned to carry out the planning work. In 2017, the entire spa area was reconstructed and expanded with the installation of new saunas, including one outdoors. Planning work on the final expansion of the hotel began at the end of 2019, including a new bar, a dining room, a fitness room, an indoor and outdoor pool, and an increase in capacity from 36 to 70 rooms. The work took two years, on and off. “Above all we sought to fulfil the wishes and needs of the owner, explains Werner Lang, the architect from Proline who headed the project. “This required a lot of cooperation and a certain willingness to compromise between the architect and the client. The new building was to look bright and modern, but not overly so. Clear lines, simplicity and a high level of functionality were paramount.”
The new section deliberately adopts a clean and essential approach and is completely different from the existing building. The two parts are connected on the ground floor by means of an intermediate building with the characteristics of the original existing structure. A uniform design was chosen for the interiors, which was not difficult as all the areas except for the reception area were included in the restyling project. The choice of brushed concrete effect porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde proved extremely useful in achieving the desired result. In particular, the Boost Pro line used in the common areas such as the dining room and the wellness area and on the bathroom floors created a fluid, natural connection between the various functional spaces and a warm, enveloping effect that instils a sensation of peace and serenity. “All the surfaces were to have an attractive concrete look in natural tones. Moreover, they needed to be available in a variety of sizes and colours, to have non-slip characteristics for the pool area and also to be suitable for outdoor use. This solution needed to extend to all the commercial spaces, terraces, balconies and their respective pools. The Atlas Concorde range seemed to us the most suitable choice,” explains Lang. The pastel colours emphasise the dark wood furnishings in some of the rooms, while in the wellness area and the outdoor swimming pool they create a pleasant contrast to the water surface.

Ceramic surfaces
Atlas Concorde
porcelain stoneware
Boost Pro
120x278, 120x120, 75x150, 37,5x75, 60x120 cm

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