Tools for handling and installing large format tiles

As a matter of fact, large format tiles (LFT) popularity keeps on growing. Raimondi since the first pieces of these innovative ceramic materials were introduced in the market some years ago has been developing innovative tools for handling and installing them. The already wide range of Raimondi’s LTF tools will be soon widen and updated thanks to 15 new products which will be officially presented during CERSAIE 2017 at our booth #81, area 44.

Let’s have a preview of some of them.

EASY-MOVE MkII is a new system/frame to handle LFT. It introduces key-features aiming to provide the maximum grip of the suction cups to the tile/panel, even on textured tiles, and to adapt to any LFT size in few seconds.

VOLPINO is a compact vibrator designed to vibrate surface of large format tiles and help any air pocket escaping from underneath the slab; ensures a full bound / perfect adhesive coverage and so prevents potential slab cracks. The compact dimensions and its light weight make it ideal for use both on wall and floor. The stain-free-rubber plate is designed to prevent stain and damages to the slab. This is particularly important in case of slabs with holes (especially big holes make the slabs fragile): the use of VOLINO eliminates the chance to break them during air-expelling (vibration) phase.
KOMPASS is designed to scribe circles and arcs (with scoring/cutting-off system) with diameter up to 100 cm (3.3’) on large format porcelain tiles. KOMPASS performs both centered and

off-center holes with respect to the suction cup (which holds it to the slab): this is an essential feature to perform half circles whom center is exactly on the tile edge. So, KOMPASS is perfect to perform full circles, half circles, quarters of circle and fillets on corner in any position on the slab.

Last but not least let’s talk about levelling the tiles (lippage removal). RAIMONDI was the first to introduce a professional wedge/clip levelling system (RLS) back in 2009 and now introduces the new RLS VITE (screw). Insert the cap in clip threat and with just to fingers twist it down: it reaches the tile in a second. Then tight the cap so to level the tiles. The cap hollow-design allows the user to see the grout joint. Clips creates a nominal joint of 1 mm (1/32”) and are available in two versions: one for tile thickness from 3 to 16 mm (1/8”-19/32”) and the other for thickness from 14 to 26 mm (9/16”- 1”). The latter is ideal also for natural stones installation.

Please visit us at CERSAIE 2017 (booth #81/area 44). We would be glad to welcome you and show these and all other new products in real life.

A CERSAIE 2017 (stand 81 / area 44) saranno presentate tutte le altre novità.