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Setting the stage for “Mid-century Chic”

Today’s buzz words in the furniture and interior design industry are “Mid Century”.  Looks from the 50’s are back and have been adapted and trasformed in order to fit in with our current way of life, and recently we have seen this style evolve into a warmer and more refined “retro-chic” fashion.  The use of COLOR, from blues to greens, pinks, oranges, and yellows, is making a huge comeback and lends new appeal to current popular architectural trends including classic, vintage, industrial, and modern minimal as well.  Furniture styles which formerly showed long skirts, now are showing long legs – sofa’s, armchairs, and furniture in general which used to be covered right down to the floor, are now perched on lovely, tapered legs therefore showing the beautiful floor underneath.

Verde 1999 has debuted with a new porcelain floor and wall collection which is the perfect backdrop for today’s new retro-chic trend.  This tile series exudes the warmth people need for the sanctuary they call home, while at the same time its style is chic, contemporary, and definitely fashionable and abreast with the times.

We have created “Livingstone”, a collection of six different kinds of marble, which we have artfully aged and antiqued to give each tile an alluring patina and warmth to the touch.  Our vintage marbles, which will fit perfectly into any decor whether traditional, shabby chic, industrial, or modern, come in a range of both warm and cool, neutral colors (perfect for layering brightly colored accents) and a wide variety of large and small sizes to fit into any decor.  The extraordinary assortment of mosaics and accessories clearly bear the tradition Verde 1999 is so well known for. – Home

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