Concrete and Dots are the two sides of ABK’s BLEND collection, a new ceramic surface concept that identifies contrasts and crossover effects as the stylistic essence of contemporary design. Blend Concrete is a concrete-look porcelain available in 4 colours and enhanced by graphic reproductions of tiny pebbles. Blend Dots is an on-trend reimagining of terrazzo, a pattern that again explores the theme of fragments – this time in marble – and returns to the mixture concept that underpins the entire BLEND collection.

Each of the two graphic designs comes in four different colours and a wide range of sizes, allowing for unlimited compositional potential. BLEND is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces and, depending on the size, is available in three different finishes suitable for any requirement: natural, lapped and P-tech. P-tech in particular is an innovative surface specially designed by ABK to improve the anti-slip performance of floors while being soft to the touch and easy to clean. P-tech is ideal for projects in public areas, while for outdoor use BLEND is available with an R11 grip finish in both 20 mm (OUT.20) and 9 mm thicknesses.

BLEND’s suitability for stylistic, material and chromatic fusion is particularly evident in the decorative solutions that have always been a distinctive feature of ABK products. In this case, Grey Combo combines the fluid nature of concrete with the opulence of marble and terrazzo effect inclusions, lending an original look to floors and walls. These decor effects are echoed in the 20×20 cm size of the Play collection, where Dots, Drops and Marble are inspired by the terrazzo pattern while the Retrò and Design versions revisit the texture of Blend Concrete, drawing from vintage inspirations and patchwork graphics reminiscent of the style of cement tiles.


Technical Data

Product type: Full-body porcelain tile
Finish: Natural, Lapped, P-tech, Grip R11
Sizes:  120×278 cm (thickness 6 mm), 120×120 cm, 60×120 cm, 90×90 cm, 60×60 cm (thickness 9 mm), 60×120 cm R11 (thickness 20 mm)
Colours: Concrete Moon, Concrete Ash, Concrete Grey, Concrete Iron, Dots Multiwhite, Dots Multiblack, Dots Taupe, Dots Grey
Intended uses: Indoor and outdoor floors and walls in residential and commercial building
Country of production: Italy


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