Mapei named Best Performer in the Circular Economy 2019/2020

On 2 March, Mapei received the Best Performer in the Circular Economy 2019/2020 Award promoted by Confindustria during the webinar entitled “From managerial skills for sustainability to corporate best practices in the Circular Economy”. Mapei excelled in the “large manufacturing company” category with a project to produce low environmental impact asphalts by reusing waste material. MAPEI’s ACF-L1, ACF-L2 and ACF-L3 additives enable a considerable quantity of pavement millings to be recycled to make new asphalt mixes.

The use of less virgin raw material, the reduced quantity of milled waste that needs to be disposed of and the lower quantity of energy required to heat the mix make this solution more environmentally friendly than normal bituminous pavings. During the webinar, the project was presented by Mikaela Decio, Environmental Sustainability Manager at Mapei, who accepted the award on behalf of Mapei.