Litokol opens a new facility in India in partnership with Pidilite Industries

After signing a joint venture agreement with chemical group Pidilite Industries Ltd in 2019, Litokol SpA recently opened a new production facility in the town of Amod in the Indian state of Gujarat. Pidilite has also set up two other new production companies, again connected to the tile installation and natural stone sectors.

Litokol’s new facility in India has a state-of-the-art production plant that manufactures epoxy, polyurethane and other reactive two-component products for the ceramic and building industries. Production in India will focus on Starlike® EVO epoxy grout, the most advanced product of its kind on the market protected by several international patents.

In exchange for this transfer of Italian expertise and technology, Pidilite Industries has exclusive responsibility for distribution in the Indian market using its own well-established network and the expanded range of the ROFF brand specialising in ceramic and building products.

“The joint venture with Pidilite Industries has enabled us to achieve the important goal of setting up our first production facility in India, currently the country with the highest growth potential anywhere in the world,” said Litokol’s CEO Fabio Plazzi. “Entrusting our experience and technology to Pidilite as a best-in-class partner makes us proud of the success our high-end products are enjoying worldwide,” he added. “In a long-term perspective, this result offers tangible recognition of our cutting-edge research and development efforts focused on our target sectors in a world that values specialisation and innovation more than ever before.”

Bharat Puri, Managing Director of Pidilite Industries Limited, agrees: “At Pidilite, we strive constantly to innovate and lead the way in all our product categories and offerings. Our pioneering brand Roff is a real game changer that aims to revolutionise tile laying in India. The joint venture with Litokol underscores our commitment to redefining industry standards and delivering global solutions.

Based on our extensive distribution network and global expertise, we will provide our customers with innovative and long-lasting solutions. This partnership marks a significant milestone as we move forward confidently towards a successful future.”