The company belonging to the ITALCER group, under the leadership of its CEO Graziano Verdi, launched its new exhibition centre inside the enchanting fifteenth-century building Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni, in the heart of the Emilian city.

LA FABBRICA SPA, whose headquarters are located in Castel Bolognese, is specialized in the production of high quality Italian pottery and on 12th April it inaugurated its excellence exhibition centre in Imola, where art and history are oriented to the future.

Inside the fifteenth-century building Palazzo Casoni, an area extending for more than 750 sqm on two floors houses the best products of LA FABBRICA and AVA, the two brands of the company. The mythological sculptures of Domenico Morelli and the frescos on the walls depicting eighteenth-century settings, painted by Alessandro della Nave and Antonio Villa, frame the marble, the stone and the wood of both brands, from the Ground Floor up to the Noble Floor, guiding the visitors through a touching exhibition itinerary. Thus, the artistic and historical tradition and the technological innovation form a remarkable match, begetting a new way of thinking about exhibition and communication. The concepts of art and cultural history embodied by this Palazzo harmoniously embrace the modern production philosophy of La Fabbrica, in a place which is the result of an ambitious stylistic and entrepreneurial choice.

This company in Emilia-Romagna has always focused on the value of the artistic past of its territory, considered as a synergic input towards the creation of ceramic projects which aim at spreading innovation, quality and creativity. With this “ Excellence Exhibition Centre”, La Fabbrica offers to its visitors the opportunity to appreciate its products, whose technique and design are technologically cutting-edge but at the same time prove their continuity with the history and the art which are representative of our country.

Graziano Verdi, CEO of the Italcer Group, declared: “For us it is a real honor to have access to such a prestigious exhibition centre like Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni. Alberto Forchielli, founding partner of the MCP, kindly granted La Fabbrica to use this historical building, of great artistic and cultural value, which further embellishes our materials and offers us a wonderful showroom, which is absolutely one-of-a-kind”.

Contact: Elena Vandelli Relazioni Esterne ITALCER Group  Tel. 335 5605124