In its 20th anniversary Dom Ceramiche JOIN THE FUTURE!

Founded in 2000, Dom Ceramiche is celebrating its twentieth anniversary by redefining its identity and brand equity, underlining its framwork and its values ​​of reliability, consistency, responsibility, innovation, ethics and solidity.

Having joined Victoria Plc industrial group, DOM DESIGN LAB becomes the center of materic and artisan research for the creation of a unique and innovative product.

Dom Ceramiche’s path starts in 2000 from pure material interpreted by the GENESI collection by Gennaro Avallone, to continue with ranges with a highly artisanal vocation such as KHADI where metal and fabric get together, TRACCE DEL TEMPO solid metaphor of the passage of the seasons, OBLIK design essential by Catherine Bracconier which states an important historical moment, COMFORT PROJECT designed to combine different materials and products. Today DOM CERAMICHE offers collections that bring the design of nature into our homes (MAS DE PROVENCE, DISTRICT) for unique combinations with design furnishings.

Never before has the identity been so clear, a contemporary stylistic mood that interprets a style ranging from NEWCLASSIC to INDUSTRIAL CHIC, enriched by a palette of intense and refined colors.

“The emotion experienced in exploring something new has animated our research from the beginning,” says historical Sales Director and founder Alessandro Stradi “every single day we have tried to listen to the emotions that the material gives us, and then transform them into ceramics”.

Simone Gentili, managing the new Commercial and Marketing team of Victoria PLC Ceramics Italy, thanking customers and partners who have contributed to the growth of Dom in these 20 years, reiterates: “We work every day trying to guarantee our customers products able to make a difference. Dom Design Lab is an artisan brand with a strong commitment to design, able to offer ceramic surfaces of excellence for any type of use”.