Ideal Standard publishes its first Sustainability Report

Ideal Standard has published its first sustainability report, entitled “Together for a Better Future”. While setting out a roadmap to carbon neutrality, the report also defines the company’s approach to waste management and sustainable packaging and explains how the company has achieved and continues to maintain world-class safety standards across all its operations.

The report sets out Ideal Standard’s nine key commitments in areas such as decarbonisation, the circular economy, product innovation, safety and equality, which together will drive impactful change. These nine goals are closely aligned with the sustainability principles defined by the UN Global Compact, which the company joined in 2022 as a mark of its commitment to responsible business actions. “Together for a Better Future” sets clear and accountable goals for monitoring and measuring progress along the company’s production journey, including its aim to reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 and reach complete carbon neutrality by 2050.

Together with the report, the company has also launched its new EcoLogic label to help customers easily identify Ideal Standard products and make informed purchasing decisions. EcoLogic focuses on four values: hygiene, sustainable materials and production processes, and water and energy saving.

Jonas Nilsson, joint CEO at Ideal Standard International, commented on the project as follows: “As one of the leading bathroom manufacturers, we recognise that we have an important role to play when it comes to shaping a responsible future for the industry, and we’re committed to stepping up to that challenge. There’s no one single change we will make as a company that will make us completely sustainable. We have to consider the entire business and make sure that we are committing to progressive, constant change in every area to ensure we make a genuine impact.”

Cer Magazine International 61 | 06.2023
Gruppo Bardelli