Florim USA begins large slab production using SACMI technology

In response to the increase in US market demand for large sizes with ultra-high technical and aesthetic quality, Florim has teamed up with SACMI and completed the first step of an ambitious large slab project at its American branch in Clarksville, Tennessee.

In August 2022, Florim USA installed and started up a new 153.3-metre FMA295 Maestro kiln ready to accommodate future production of large-format tiles.

A few weeks ago, the company also started up its first Continua+ 2120 line, the smartest in its class and the latest to be launched by SACMI in 2021.

The new PCR2120 works seamlessly with the E7P285 7-level dryer, SACMI digital decoration solutions and automated kiln loading/unloading and handling systems. The supplied equipment also includes BMR grinding and lapping lines, end-of-line solutions with LGVs, stackable racks and automatic systems for inserting products in crates or on stands.

In addition, Florim USA aims to double the capacity of its Continua+ line with the addition of a PCR2000, which will be shipped and started up in the coming months together with a new E7P dryer.

This major project underscores SACMI’s role as a major partner for both local manufacturers and international customers who have located their production plants in this market.



Cer Magazine International 60 | 05.2023