Workplace & Smartworking

Architect Sergio De Gioia from the Venice-based practice MIDE Architetti was the guest at a meeting entitled Workplace & Smartworking organised by Nii Progetti last September as part of the Cersaie 2021 Press Café programme. MIDE, of which De Gioia is the CEO and a partner together with Fabrizio Michielon, has been working for many years on various design scales, including town planning, architecture and interiors. The central theme of the discussion was the transformation of the workplace.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns led to an inevitable transformation of workspaces. While the transition from a closed to an open-plan office layout appeared to mark a turning point in workplace design, working from home (in some cases compulsory) gave further impetus to the process of change.

Sergio De Gioia and NiiProgetti retraced the steps in the history of workplace design from the old-style office concept through to development of open-plan spaces, then discussed future trends.

The architect provided figures and statistics collected by the firm during its work with major clients such as Volvo, Benetton, Renault, Italchimica and many others.

  • March 2022