Installation of ABK Wide panels

One of the aims of ABK’s WIDE panel collection is to provide a hi-tech ceramic material that is easy to use and work with in many different contexts in terms of scale and field of application.

With qualities that include strength, thermal shock resistance, low thickness (just 7 mm) and ease of working, the WIDE large-format panel collection extends the range of use of porcelain. The WIDE collection produces fewer joints while enormously increasing the creative freedom of architects and interior designers, who appreciate the versatility of this virtually limitless ceramic surface.

To provide simple and clear guidance on working with Wide panels onsite, from handling through to cutting and gluing, ABK has produced a tutorial illustrating the correct procedures and the materials and accessories that should be used to ensure perfect results every time.

ABK Wide panels must naturally be selected at the design stage, bearing in mind that these large panels are easy to handle onsite provided suitable equipment is used. For all sizes with side lengths greater than 100 cm, two installers must be present during every step in installation. To ensure worker safety and avoid damaging the materials, the use of grab bars with suction cups is highly recommended for manual manoeuvring and installation of Wide panels (up to 160×320 cm in size).

All cutting operations should be performed on a flat, stable and level surface. The use of professional cutters with a scoring head is recommended. Once the panels have been cut, the next stage is finishing, which should be done using special diamond pads or abrasive resin discs.

Finally, the tutorial illustrates all the procedures that should be carried out to ensure perfect installation of Wide products, including the choice of the correct adhesives and trowels and use of the so-called back-buttering technique. This involves applying adhesive to both the substrate and the back of the tile to ensure full adhesive coverage and a lasting bond.