The Projects Gallery now features 957 architecture and interior design projects | by Simona Malagoli

Article published in: "2020 Tile Competition Winners"

The Projects Gallery hosted on this website continues to expand with the recent addition of 55 new architecture and interior design projects featuring ceramic tiles from 33 different Italian brands. Joining the Gallery’s already extensive collection of projects carried out in Italy and worldwide, the latest reports bring the total number of projects to 957 and the number of featured Italian ceramic tile brands to 89.

Written by well-known architectural journalists, these reports explore projects carried out by leading architecture and interior design firms and focus in particular on the aesthetic and technical qualities of Italian ceramic tiles in many different applications, both residential and non-residential.



The gallery displays the projects organised into 12 different areas of use – urban residential, non-urban residential, shopping, recreation and socialisation, public hospitality, culture, sports, business, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and urban design – and features an extensive photo gallery for each category. By clicking on the reference image for each category, visitors can view the various projects they contain and subsequently open each individual company project accompanied by a descriptive text showing the title of the work, the journalist who wrote the report, the architect and the brand and technical specifications of the tiles used.

Alternating on a monthly basis, the latest projects are featured as a slideshow on the homepage of the website They are selected according to the location, aesthetics, material and brands to ensure that the maximum visibility is given to all member companies and all areas of use. The projects are also shared every Friday through social media posts on the Ceramics of Italy Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and on the profile on LinkedIn.

For greater ease of use, a search engine allows users to rapidly find information of interest anywhere in the gallery. The Projects Gallery is a prestigious and highly visible showcase that enables visitors to find out more about the many different uses of ceramic tiles, pick up new creative ideas and discover the constantly expanding applications of Italian tiles in Italy and worldwide.


December 2020

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