Focus on tile installation

The world’s largest exhibition of ceramic surfaces devotes special attention to tile laying, a key stage in ensuring a top-quality and long-lasting installation. A large space is set aside for practical demonstrations and lectures
By Simone Ricci
25.09.2023 - 29.09.2023
Bologna (Italia )

Tiling Town will be back at the 40th Cersaie this year in a more than 400 square metre space in Hall 32. This 11th edition of Tiling Town will feature installation showcases given by Assoposa master tile layers.



The technical seminars on large ceramic slab installation are aimed at architects and designers and consist of two-hour practical demonstrations in a fully functional installation workshop accompanied by detailed explanations and references to the standard UNI 11493. The seminars will be held every afternoon from Monday 25 to Thursday 28 September and on the morning of Friday 29 September and will earn professional training credits for participating architects, engineers and surveyors.



The space will also host the Tiling Town Matinées organised by Assoposa’s Platinum Members and focusing on the most topical issues in the world of tiling.

A large space in Tiling Town will also be occupied by the Italian national tile installers’ association Assoposa, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. As part of its outreach activities, the association organises training courses and promotes Tile Layer Certification in accordance with standard UNI 11493-2. To keep visitors informed about all the opportunities for specialisation and professional growth offered by the sector, a special area will be devoted to the Assoposa Academy training courses, including an exhibition of spaces and furnishings created using ceramic tiles of all sizes, from the smallest mosaics through to large-format slabs.

The area will also host the Casa Italia internet radio station specialising in the home and living sector. Paolo Leccese, presenter of the programme Bricks & Music, will broadcast live at 9.30 a.m. in the company of an ever-changing lineup of guests who will discuss different topics on each of the five days of the exhibition.

Watch an installation showcase held at Cersaie 2022.



September 2023

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