EVOLVING DIALOGUES – the digital event by Coem and Fioranese

November 9 saw the inauguration of the digital event “EVOLVING DIALOGUES – Interconnecting experiences, culture, ceramics and people”. This is an invitation to take a virtual trip around the exhibition spaces of #Coem and #Fioranese, a way to find out more about the decorative projects, with new colours, surfaces and emotions.

The new set-up turns the Temporary Workspace into an atelier where the latest ceramic collections engage with artworks, in a journey through alternating worlds and seasons. The #research for new shapes continues and is fuelled by constructive exchanges with people, professionals and artists with whom we share a creative idea and an active experience, in which commitment, constant effort and passion pursue a wider vision of progress and #beauty.

The first of this series of encounters with art features the floral designer Emy Petrini and her works created with intertwining willow branches, with patterns creating a pleasant exchange with the different types of material allure of the new collections. A number of videos and a virtual tour accompany visitors as they explore new atmospheres.