urban landscape

A grey and uninviting parking lot in the Tiburtina area of Rome has been converted into a welcoming space for socialisation

Surfaces: MARAZZI

A long-neglected garden has been given new life in this urban regeneration project, winner of the residential category of the 2020 Ceramics and Design competition

Surfaces: Multibrand
New IT Hub, University of Milan

Ceramic as the face of science

Milan University's New IT Hub and Service Centre, designed by Isolarchitetti, was the institutional category winner of the 2020 Ceramics and Design competition


Custom-made coloured body porcelain stoneware slabs were chosen for the ventilated façades

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Nathan Phillips Square Bicycle Station - Toronto (Canada)

The modernity of bicycles and history

In Toronto's landmark square, architect Vis Sankrithi has combined the modernity of a new underground parking station for city cyclists with the location's iconic history

Surfaces: LEA
Odrzanska Residence - Wrocław (Poland)

Eternal present

In an interplay of memory and innovation, an old building is given a new lease of life through a sensitive design project and an iconic hi-tech envelope created from ultra-thin ceramic panels

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Rearth Inc. Headquarters - Bucheon (South Korea)

A punctuated façade

Rearth Inc., a leading Korean distributor of smartphone accessories, opened in Bucheon its new headquarters

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Hotel Nodo - Santiago del Cile

Fighting pollution with style

Designed by architect Riccardo Stein, Hotel Nodo in Santiago de Chile is the first building in South America to adopt bioactive façade cladding

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla - Ponza (LT)

Mediterranean harmony

In harmony with the island of Ponza, the restyling of the external surfaces of the Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla has created a natural look combining shapes and material effects

Surfaces: TAGINA
Corso Trento e Trieste - Lanciano (Chieti)

Urban carpet

The historic urban promenade in the centre of this town in the Abruzzo region has been given a new lease of life in terms of its collective heritage thanks to an eye-catching paving system made entirely of high-thickness porcelain

Surfaces: MARAZZI
Hattrick Office Building - Sibiu (Romania)

A green building in Sibiu

Extending over eight above-ground floors with a 7,500 square metre footprint, the Hattrick Office Building was the first building of its kind in Sibiu to obtain BREEAM certification

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Edificio C - Aversa (CE)

Maintaining a façade

Oltre i vincoli di una preesistenza strutturale per reinventare un manufatto architettonico di qualità, grazie anche all'attento ricorso ai rivestimenti ceramici dell'inA high-quality architectural project overcame the constraints of an existing structure, making excellent use of ceramic tiles as a façade claddingolucro

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Railway station - Elmas (CA)

A pixel-effect ceramic envelope

The recent renovation project for the Cagliari-Elmas railway station stands out in particular for the use of large-size ceramic panels combining outstanding technical characteristics with a harmonious aesthetic language that blends in with the surrounding landscape

Surfaces: CAESAR
San Ponziano parish church - Olbia

From the land to the sea

Matter and spirit merge in a renovation project for an old church in Olbia, which now resonates with new light through its architecture

Surfaces: MARAZZI
Nuovo Picchio residential care centre - San Felice sul Panaro (Modena)

A location spanning tradition and innovation

The Nuovo Picchio residential care centre helps guests feel at home in an innovative space that maintains its links with tradition

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Carle Private Residence - Turin

A smart and extensive architectural renovation

In this residential renovation, the architects had the opportunity to work on the envelope and roof as a single project, focusing in particular on the new composition of the façades and their energy performance

Humanitas University Campus - Milano

Humanitas and contemporary humanism

Located just outside Milan, the new Humanitas University Campus brings together innovative form and content to create a fascinating, timeless village designed according to principles of sustainability

Scrigno Lab Outdoor - Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)

Creativity and nature for an outstanding workplace

The large, gently undulating garden connecting the factories with the new Scrigno Lab aims to maximise the well-being of employees and customers

Surfaces: MARAZZI
Sapphire Residence Complex - Berlin (D)

The sapphire house

The astonishing Sapphire residential building designed by Daniel Libeskind, a landmark in Berlin's central Mitte neighbourhood, is a complex volume clad with sapphire-like ceramic panels


One of Hungary's most popular tourist attractions, Pécs Zoo was recently renovated by architects from the practice Nara Studio who chose laminated porcelain large-size panels for the façade cladding

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Residential Complex Asnières-sur-Seine (France)

An eye-catching residential block just outside Paris

This largely residential block in Asnières-sur-Seine, a town on the banks of the Seine to the north-west of Paris, stands out for the use of ceramic tiles on the façade

New Cemetery Complex - Copparo (Ferrara)

A high-quality public work

The New Cemetery Complex in Copparo (Ferrara) designed by Mauro Crepaldi is a high-quality public work in terms of both concept and execution.

KDV Sports, Golf & Tennis Academy - Carrara (AUS)

Sculptural transparency

The most prestigious sports centre on Australia's Gold Coast has been expanded with a transparent, lightweight multipurpose building resting gracefully on the coastal plainvvvvvv

Chiesa della Misericordia - Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo)

Porcelain tiles that define the architecture

The project by Archea Associati for the local Brotherhood of Mercy has created a new association headquarters and a farewell room that can be used for many of the client's activities

Surfaces: TAGINA
Portopiccolo tourist and residential complex - Sistiana (TS)

The village without a past

A disused quarry has been converted into a highly eco-sustainable tourist and residential complex

Residential Complex "Bosco verticale" - Milano

A Vertical Forest in the heart of Milan

Living in nature without sacrificing comfort, security or a central location

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE

A judicious use of colour gives new life and architectural unity to the essential volumes of a new multifunctional centre

School Complex, Massalengo, Lodi

A school in Massalengo

A new school in the Lodi area combines tradition and technology in a modern version of the country house

ChristChurch Presbyterian - Atlanta, GA (USA)

Urban spirituality

The ChristChurch Presbyterian in Atlanta is an outstanding example of a religious building that combines contemporary architecture with functional requirements

Surfaces: MARAZZI
Natali Building - La Spezia

Rigour and innovation

A high-quality tertiary project is emerging from the ruins of an abandoned industrial site. One of the highlights is an elegant building enclosed in a functional and visually striking ceramic envelope

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Palazzina Residenziale - Riccione (RN)

A powerful contrast of tones and material

This two-unit building is characterised aesthetically by the alternation of a pale-coloured trowelled render with oak effect ceramic surfaces

Smart City - La Valletta

Malta embraces smart technologies

An environment-friendly technology park is under construction just a few kilometres from the capital

Surfaces: KEOPE
Railway station - Sopot (Poland)

Ceramic tile makes a stylish comeback

The remodelling project for the old Sopot railway station

Surfaces: VOGUE
Panariagroup Headquarters - Finale Emilia (MO)

The story of a rebirth

With a magisterial example of resilience, facing difficulties and transforming them into opportunities, the people of Emilia have overcome the earthquake of 2012 and given new life to this generous land and its rich resources

Lamborghini New Logistic Centre - Sant'Agata Bolognese (BO)

The dream factory

A high energy class, the strictest seismic safety standards and an exceptional level of occupational well-being. When industrial building becomes architecture

Surfaces: LEA
30 Jellicoe Avenue Building - Johannesburg (South Africa)

Beyond the image

A new commercial complex recently completed in South Africa's economic capital highlights the role of ceramic envelopes in architecture and in technological and energy performance

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Business-residential Building - Chiasso (Switzerland)

Dynamic facade

Compositional rigour and high technical specifications characterise the curtain wall of this residential building in Chiasso

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Sveavägen 44 Building Facade - Stockolm (Sweden)

A virtuous example in Stockholm

A high tech building with Art Nouveau styling

San Pio da Pietrelcina church compound - Rome

A roof that combines aesthetics and symbolism

The parish complex of San Pio da Pietrelcina has become the landmark of the Malafede neighbourhood in the suburbs of Rome

Nuova Chiesa Parrocchiale - Medolla (MO)

A new church for earthquake-hit Medolla

A contemporary interpretation of the place of worship but in keeping with the Christian tradition

Surfaces: MIRAGE
Line 1 Metropolitan Stations - Athens (Greece)

The Olympics and public transport

The stations on Line 1 of the Athens metro were completely remodelled in anticipation of the Greek Olympic Games

Private residence - Bologna

Architecture, an unfolding of routes

This highly effective architecture project explores a new approach to the interiors and exteriors of a single-family dwelling

Villa Nesi - Ivrea

Simply red

A renovation project carried out by the Archisbang architecture practice provided an opportunity to make skilful use of a ceramic finish on the various scales of the project

Surfaces: MARAZZI
Office building Yangjae Dong - Seoul (Corea)

The thin silver line

An outstanding blend of Italian design and technology envelops and enhances an upmarket business centre in Seoul

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Juniper Networks Headquarters - Sunnyvale, CA (USA)

Corporate culture meets ceramic architecture

Productivity, vitality and harmony in the façades of Juniper's HQ

Surfaces: CAESAR
STU 109 B residential development - Parma

Big is beautiful

Architecture as a way of reaffirming the quality of urban planning. Ceramic as a high-quality material that combines aesthetics with energy efficiency and sustainability

Mirage Headquarters - Pavullo (MO)

An eco-friendly office restyling project

Research, environmental sustainability and aesthetics come together in the renovated Mirage headquarters

Surfaces: MIRAGE
Piazza Falcone e Borsellino - Spezzano (Mo)

Spezzano gets a town centre

The complex made up of the Corte Corsini business centre, the Casa Corsini civic centre and the new Piazza Falcone e Borsellino square give Spezzano the town centre it has always lacked.

Surfaces: FLOOR GRES
The National Flag Square - Baku (Azerbaijan)

The many faces of Baku

A plethora of urban projects are dramatically changing the face of the city of Baku. In one development, Baku Boulevard is being extended as far as the new Dövlət Bayrağı Meydanı, the National Flag Square.

Surfaces: LEA
Soweto Theatre - Johannesburg (ZA)

The pride and joy of Soweto

Designed by young architects from the local practice Afritects, the Soweto Theatre carries on the great theatrical and musical tradition of South Africa

Surfaces: VOGUE
University residence Camplus Bononia - Bologna

Camplus Bononia:
a city university residence

The new university residence is a modern structure immersed in greenery and equipped with the latest energy-saving solutions

Surfaces: CAESAR
Protoshop Lamborghini - Sant'Agata Bolognese (BO)

Form and performance

The iconic sports car maker Lamborghini has opened its Protoshop, the first multilevel industrial building in Italy to be certified energy class A

Surfaces: LEA
Ogrody Grabiszyńskie Residential Complex - Wroclaw (PL)

Park view

The Ogroby Grabiszynskie complex is located in a prestigious residential district of Wroclaw. The project devoted considerable attention to the finishing materials, including the porcelain ventilated façade panels

Nuovo Teatro Dell'Opera - Firenze

A new home for Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

The Nuovo Teatro dell'Opera complex is an international-level opera house and an urban space that interacts with the city and its history

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
New Public Library - Greve in Chianti (Florence)

A diaphragm-like surface covering

The project successfully explores the dynamic relationship between cladding and architecture, making creative use of a well-established clay ventilated façade system

Surfaces: Palagio Engineering
Centro commerciale e residenziale Cvjetni - Zagreb (Croatia)

A new complex in Flower Square

The new Cvjetni multifunctional complex opened in Zagreb's central "Flower Square" in May last year adds to the elegance and discreet charm of this cosmopolitan city.

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Simplon Udvar - Budapest (Hungary)

Simplon Udvar in Budapest

A prestigious residential complex located in the South Buda area which makes innovative compositional use of colour on the external elevations

BLA Library, Play Centre, Municipal Archives - Fiorano Modenese (MO)

BLA: a new cultural centre opened in Fiorano Modenese

A modern building clad with a large porcelain tile façade has been constructed in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna ceramic district to house a town library, play centre and municipal archives

Surfaces: FLOOR GRES
Private house - Vitoria (Spain)

A skin made of ceramic

An innovative ceramic cladding was the successful solution adopted on this building. Like a tailor-made second skin, it assures perfect protection against the elements and outstanding aesthetic appeal. When the sun shines, the house appears to radiate pure light thanks to its snow-white skin

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Sant'Agostino Multifunctional Centre - Paderno Dugnano (Milan)

Sant’Agostino Multifunctional Centre

An innovative ceramic tile installation layout and unusual colours lend architectural strength to a building with simple shapes

Surfaces: MARAZZI
Ikea Headquarter - Helsinborg (Sweden)

A variable colour configuration

Helsingborg (Sweden). New IKEA office building. When architecture becomes a means of promoting intercultural lifestyles through the symbolism of colour and experimentation with sophisticated brand communication languages.

Mediatheque in Mokrá - Brno (CZ)

Mediatheque in Mokrá

A remodelling project has transformed an old coal-fired power station into a multifunctional centre for cultural, social and recreational activities

Surfaces: CENTURY
Centro Commerciale Olmo di Martellago (Ve)

Filled and empty Palladian spaces


Surfaces: ERGON
Borgo Prino Square - Imperia

Water and sun by the sea

The new Piazza Borgo Prino in Imperia sheds its grim weight of tarmac and transforms a car park into a social meeting place, enlivened by designs and elements inspired by nature.

Surfaces: MARAZZI
Centro Polifunzionale Zamet - Fiume (CRO)

Strips and functional flows

The new Zamet multifunctional centre in Rijeka

Surfaces: FLOOR GRES
Olympic Village - Turin (Italy)

Olympic Village

Used to clad external facades, ceramic tile is a major feature in the urban design of Turin

Surfaces: MARAZZI
Adhesives: Mapei
Independence Square - Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)

A square from the past

A remodelling project using hand-decorated Italian ceramic tiles in the capital of the former Spanish colony