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SO.DI.CO. s.r.l. Health & Beauty headquarters - Mondolfo (PU) (Italy)

A haven of well-being in the SO.DI.CO. headquarters

The company’s founding principles of quality, research, innovation and attention to personal well-being are the very same values that inspired the compact, clean, rigorous and highly sustainable design of the new production facility and operational headquarters in Marotta

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Офисное здание Hitachi Energy - Лоди (Италия)

Под «одеждой»: экологичность и архитектурное качество

В проекте реконструкции офисного здания Hitachi Energy в городе Лоди в качестве конструктивного решения для ограждающих конструкций здания использованы вентилируемые фасады из керамического материала, которые сочетают в себе энергоэффективность и эстетический эффект

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Conad shopping centre - Monsummano Terme (PT)

Conad, a nature-friendly shopping centre

The new retail complex in Monsummano Terme in the province of Pistoia demonstrates how it is possible to build without impacting the local area through the use of sustainable materials such as ceramic tile, glass and wood

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Liceo Agnoletti secondary school - Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

A school that welcomes the local community

A new secondary school in the metropolitan area of Florence maintains an innovative and intense dialogue with the city

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Merenoja Comprehensive School - Kalajoki (Finland)

A school at the heart of the community

A large school and sports complex that is also used as a public building by the residents of Kalajoki was built with a focus on sustainable values and materials

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Adele Residence swimming pool area - Jesolo, Venezia (Italy)

A relaxing and secluded swimming pool

A newly built condominium in the northern Italian seaside town of Jesolo has a swimming pool area designed to ensure relaxation and privacy within a bustling, lively urban context. The pool has an understated, elegant look

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Residential building in Via dei Gracchi - Milan (Italy)

A facelift and functional upgrade

The remodelling of a late 1960s apartment building in Milan achieves a major energy upgrade and functional improvement while highlighting the original architectural structure

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Marconi Express People Mover - Bologna - Bologna

Smart, eco-friendly and above all contemporary

A complex and sustainable large-scale project in Bologna connects the airport to the city centre in just seven minutes

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Hotel Alsik - Sønderborg (DK) - Sønderborg (Danimarca)

Northern light

Designed by the heirs of Henning Larsen as part of Frank Gehry's masterplan, Hotel Alsik in the Danish city of Sønderborg is an outstanding example of contemporary architecture and urban renewal

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