CoAst Hotel - Milano Marittima (RA)

In praise of good taste

A short walk from the sea and the pine forest, the CoAst Hotel in Milano Marittima is an exclusive location that brings together past and future, uniformity and difference
Elisa Montalti
Vanni Borghi
Alvin Grassi
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

Located close to Cervia’s canal harbour, the new CoAst Hotel offers “an informal blend of creativity, originality and functionality, an atmosphere where guests feel at ease, welcomed and pampered in a stylish and eco-friendly setting where beauty does not fade but is enhanced as part of a global vision”. This is how Alvin Grassi, a Milan-based architect originally from the Romagna region, explains his project for a breathtaking location characterised by high-quality materials, sophisticated yet simple furnishings and soft, warm lighting. The large, highly liveable and meticulously designed spaces occupy a dimension that “takes interior design into a timeless territory that transcends the elements of seasonality, gender and contemporaneity as a quest for conformity”. Design becomes the differentiating factor in creating beautiful and elegant spaces that also take account of human, cultural and environmental variables.
Described as an “enlightened visionary”, Alvin Grassi is renowned for his ability to mix together contemporary atmospheres with retro visions and emotions, to combine the beauty of spaces with the spirit of the times and the human factor. When choosing the materials, he opted for Florim’s timeless and powerfully evocative tiles, which he considered consistent with his aims and philosophy. “The spaces I design must above all be comfortable, welcoming and elegant,” he explains. “They must allow for multiple stylistic interpretations and instil a sense of well-being and power. I envisage a hotel as a haven, a space where one can relax completely in surroundings where shapes and colours blend harmoniously; a place that affects my feelings and mood, generating a sense of inner calm.”
With their varied colours and bold designs, tiles from the La Roche by Rex collection take centre stage in the lobby, the guest rooms, the restaurant and the seventh-floor rooftop terrace. The series, chosen in the colour Mud and in the Florim Magnum Oversize 60×120 cm, 80×80 cm and 40×80 cm sizes, boasts an antiqued and textured natural surface that evokes the typically French allure of a richly stratified stone. In the lobby, large Stones&More 2.0 slabs enclose the reception desk to create a stone-effect monolith with a powerful personality.
In the bathrooms, the Étoile marble-effect slabs chosen in an 80×180 cm size with a matte finish create a highly distinctive and luxurious ambience. The colour Renoir adds a highly personal touch to the overall scene. In the wellness and spa area, Neutra 6.0 tiles were chosen for the walls, while La Roche surfaces are once again present on the floor. The combination of the colours of these collections creates an exclusive and fascinating atmosphere, designed for a relaxation area capable of meeting guests’ need for wellbeing.

Ceramic surfaces
porcelain stoneware
La Roche di Rex
60x120, 80x80, 40x80 cm

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