Tallink City Hotel - Tallin (Estonia)

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The Tallink City Hotel, opened in the centre of Tallinn in June 2021, is a four-star establishment designed to meet the desires and needs of the contemporary traveller
Roberta Chionne
Tiit Veermäe
Meelis Press Architetcts
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

Opened in June 2021, Tallink City Hotel is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the Estonian capital on the site of the legendary Teenindusmaja service centre built in 1974. Following his involvement in the project to transform the building into the City Hotel some 20 years ago, Estonian architect Meelis Press was again commissioned to carry out this latest upgrade. He came up with an interior design project that would have the necessary flexibility to adapt to the desires and needs of today’s tourists and to stand as “a pioneering example of contemporary Estonian hospitality”. As Press explained, the fact that the construction work took place during the pandemic prompted an analysis of the expectations of travellers, who are now accustomed to working remotely and combining their work with other activities during the day. This shift is part of a long-term trend in the hospitality industry towards diversified spaces capable of meeting newly emerging needs in terms of work, socialisation, dining, rest and physical well-being. As Press explains on the Tallink Hotels website, the aim of the concept “is to resemble the dreams of clients”. The Tallink City Hotel has a spacious lobby where guests can socialise in the large bar area, relax by the fireplace, enjoy a good book in the quiet library corner or hold Zoom calls in a dedicated small office. The 324 rooms are classified as classic, elegant, suite or family, and the hotel restaurant caters for all dining scenarios, including single guests, couples, groups and families with children, who can let off steam in the adjoining grotto-like play area.
Inside the large glazed façade, the interiors are dominated by an alternation of matt and shiny surfaces which blend with the wood, glass and metal furnishings and components in a symphony of light and reflections. Luxurious large-format marble-effect floor tiles from Ceramica Del Conca’s Boutique collection were chosen for the reception, the bar and the lift access areas, bringing the timeless appeal of a classic material to these contemporary settings. The company’s tiles were also chosen for the large spaces in the stylish wellness area, which features a series of saunas with different temperatures and humidity levels, a relaxation room complete with a fireplace, a peaceful rest area and wellness treatments booths. The iconic elegance of Boutique marble-effect surfaces was also chosen for the central monolith with its brazier-style fireplace. To create a natural yet sophisticated atmosphere, the designers opted for the tactile, material appeal of Tredì wall tiles from the Climb collection, a surface reminiscent of the weathered, timeworn slate of Nordic roofs, together with the Fourmix decor version from the same collection for the floors.

Ceramic surfaces
Del Conca
porcelain stoneware
120x120, 120x260 cm

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