Level Up spa - Belgrade (Serbia)

An innovative wellness and entertainment venue in Belgrade

Serbia's capital boasts a new spa centre that balances natural and artificial materials, comfort and design
Ilenia Carlesimo
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

A new venue devoted to wellness and entertainment was recently opened in Belgrade. Called Level Up, the new location in Serbia’s capital – the largest city in the former Yugoslavia and the fourth most populous in South-Eastern Europe with a million and a half inhabitants – is a large 550 square metre spa centre built from scratch last year and designed to serve as a multifunctional space suitable for parties, shows and concerts. “This is a highly innovative concept for Belgrade in terms of its context, as spa and wellness centres are usually incorporated into hotels or located outside the city,” explains architect Ivan Djordjevic, who oversaw the construction of the building together with the client. With its luxury furnishings and details and contemporary, metropolitan style, the space consists of four areas: a large heated saltwater pool area with a bar and loungers, a lush garden with tables, a terrace with sand and tropical plants inspired by the beaches of the Maldives and a second terrace reminiscent of Californian landscapes. In these airy, meticulously crafted rooms designed for relaxation and recreation, the choice of materials is paramount. These include two lines of concrete-effect porcelain tiles from Ceramica Fondovalle, a company with over 50 years of experience in the production and global distribution of ceramic tiles and slabs. The two collections, called Portland and Urban Craft, have brought a unique blend of design and practicality to the swimming pool area. The Portland collection displays graphic effects typical of concrete in a play of harmonious contrasts between colour tones and delicate decorative accents, while the Urban Craft collection has more of a timeworn look, with marks, scratches, imperfections and traces of rusty metal that seem to have a story to tell.
Level Up is an ambitious project that leaves room for further expansion in the future. “We’re thinking of expanding the swimming pool and building a new spa area with a variety of services, a guest car park and even a hotel,” explains Ivan Djordjevic. “And for this expansion project, we will again opt for the quality and design of Italian ceramic tiles.”

Ceramic surfaces
porcelain stoneware
Portland + Urban Craft
80x80, 60x120 cm

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