Vetrite Onigem Sicis



Fascinating references to natural stones

Following the creative line launched some years ago with the presentation of the Vetrite Gem Glass collection, decorated glass slabs with motifs that recall the natural stones, at Cersaie 2022 SICIS has presented the most recent addition to the Vetrite line, Onigem.

It is a collection of 15 patterns inspired by the hues and veins of the limestone onyx. The nuances, sometimes intense, sometimes more delicate, range from neutral colours such as white, beige or grey to more vivid ones like emerald, blue or yellow-green.

Each slab comes in 3 or 4 different variants. This allows the designers to create larger compositions by placing the slabs side by side, without having to resort to the bookmatch application.

The collection is offered in Solid, Satin and Opalescent finishings. The latter proves to be a really interesting choice to create fascinating plays of light, being able to apply the slabs on LET panels to allow backlighting.

As for the entire Vetrite line, the application possibilities range from the inside to the outside. Depending on its use, it is in fact possible to choose the most suitable thickness, which can vary between 6 and 20 mm. It is, therefore, possible to add particular treatments, such as temper or the application of a special non-slip finish that allows the use of Vetrite on floors of wet ambiences, such as showers or pools.

Discover the Onigem collection on SICIS website.

Vetrite Onigem Onice Mocha Sicis
Vetrite Onigem Onice Pink Sicis
Vetrite Onigem Petroleum Sicis
Vetrite Onigem Rice Sicis
Vetrite Onigem Spider Sicis
Vetrite Onigem Twilight Sicis
Vetrite Onigem Deep Blue Sicis
Vetrite Onigem Green Sicis