Laminam teams up with Enel to launch the electrification process

Last May, Laminam signed a memorandum of understanding with Enel to electrify the production process at its new facility. The agreement brings together the experience, know-how and innovative spirit that have distinguished both Laminam and Enel over the years, exploiting these characteristics to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly production model.

“Throughout our history, we have been guided by principles of excellence and focused on sustainable innovation with a view to protecting future generations,” commented the Fiorano Modenese-based company’s CEO Alberto Selmi. “In this context, the partnership with Enel will enable us to increase the use of renewable sources and progressively electrify our production sites in keeping with Laminam’s pioneering vision as a global ambassador for Italian design and our goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company.”

The partnerships includes a range of initiatives and joint projects: a revamping plan for existing facilities currently operating with fossil fuels through electrification, energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy sources; further renewable distributed power generation initiatives, including the possible creation of Energy Communities; solutions aimed at optimising energy costs such as peak power reduction and cost reductions through load shedding.