Italcer produces its first Sustainability Report

Five years since it was founded, in 2021 Gruppo Italcer presented its first Sustainability Report, a transparent and detailed overview of the main initiatives carried out during the year and the formal obligations undertaken by the company as it looks to the future.

This is an important commitment that testifies to the company’s continuous focus on innovation and excellence and its efforts to constantly improve its products in terms of design and sustainability. Italcer Group also stands out for its strong sense of responsibility towards creating positive value for the community and making operational and strategic choices that help balance its core business with the common good.

In keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the UN’s Agenda 2030, Italcer Group has established its objectives for 2023 based on the 6 pillars of governance (environment, people, product, value chain and society) to be achieved through 33 concrete actions. Specifically, it undertakes to minimise the environmental impact of its business processes by taking a holistic view of the life cycle of ceramic floor and wall tiles, from raw material procurement through to use by the end consumer.

The company is also strongly focused on the need to invest in human capital. Through an in-house training academy that logged more than 4,805 hours of training in 2021, Italcer aims to help all employees fulfil their potential in accordance with their skills, competencies and needs.