Italcer joins World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

Confirming the longstanding importance that the Italcer Group has always attached to sustainability and care for the environment, CEO Graziano Verdi announced that the company is honoured to have joined the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. “We will work alongside industrial and institutional players with the goal of delivering concrete solutions for a sustainable future,” he said. The Italcer Group will offer its expertise in the field of ESG, where it plans to invest €30 million over the next three years to meet the needs of increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions is an NGO that promotes green energy and sustainable technologies worldwide and helps governments, corporations and institutions achieve their ESG goals. It was launched by the Solar Impulse Foundation following the success of Solar Impulse, the first round-the-world flight on a solar-powered aircraft.

It has more than 4,000 members including start-ups, corporations, investors and associations in more than 40 countries and partners with selected international companies offering services, processes and technologies designed to promote a sustainable economy.