Ideal Standard launches Together

Aimed at a wide readership of architects, designers, planners and business partners as well as inquisitive consumers, Ideal Standard’s new magazine entitled Together investigates industry trends and features in-depth articles and exclusive interviews with key international figures in the worlds of architecture, design and lifestyle. A concrete example of Ideal Standard’s commitment to shaping the future of modern living through good design, Together experiments with new languages and communication channels and aims to serve as both a working tool and a source of inspiration for its readers.

The magazine adopts an original editorial approach and as well as presenting the brand’s collections also brings together content from different sectors. Torsten Türling, CEO of Ideal Standard International, comments: “It is no coincidence that the title of the magazine refers to the central focus of our brand, Together for Better. We produced this first issue during the lockdown and I am really proud of the contents of the magazine. Together testifies to the fact that Ideal Standard is more than just a bathroom solutions and products company: we are a vital part of a diverse community that is actively involved in promoting urban development and sustainability and improving modern living standards.”